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Ask The Group Relocation

Alexa I: Hmm… I sense a disturbance in the Blog…

Jenny: The Blog?

Alexa I: Yeah… Let me check it real quick… *a few clicks are heard* Yep. We need to move blogs.

Alexa II: Why do you say that?

Alexa I:  Our Q&A series. All the questions are towards us… not the Villains.

Isaac II: The Villains?

Alexa I: The people this series were originally centered around. Thankfully, I’ve got a blog to move this to. But… Sadly, we’ll have to ditch the Villains.

TAS: *plays sad trumpet music*

Alexa I: I’ll take the news to the Villains. *Alexa walks over to the Villains’ room* Yo. Villains. Sad news.

Black Widow: Lemme guess. You and Nephri broke up?

Alexa I: Ugh, no. You guys are gonna have to leave. We’re running out of space, plus nobody really sends you any Qs anymore.

Dr. Hare: *sighing* Back to 24 Carrot for me.

Villains: *grumbling as they pack their things*

<4 hours, 37 minutes, and a bunch of farewells later>

Alexa I: Time for a blog migration, then.

moving over to Antics and Schematics


Ask the Group #16: Double Trouble

Announcer (on video game): Welcome, game fans, to the one, the only, Shoot ’em Up Battle! In the first corner of the map, Player 1 spawns in!

??? 1: Dinner’s ready! You’re eating some beating!

??? 2: That made no sense.

Announcer: Weighing in at we haven’t weighed yet, Player 2 spawns in!

??? 2: It’s time to d-d-d-d-duel!

Announcer: In the next corner, it’s the Champion of Being Named Champion, Player 3 spawns in!

??? 3: Like a coal burns, my insults burn harder.

??? 1: What? You know what, nevermind.

Annoucer: And last, but certainly not least in our hearts, Player 4 spawns in!

??? 4: Ready to lose, Squad?

??? 1 and ??? 3: We’ll pass, thanks.

Announcer: Ready, set…

*a portal appears, and Alexa falls out of it*

Alexa: Ugh… Nagdabbit, Itch! Wait… Hey, this isn’t E’s apartment complex!

Announcer: Go!

??? 2: Ah, shut it, game. *they pause it, then everyone turns towards the portal*

*Itch, TAS, Vampi, Mizana, and Nephri come out of the portal*

Nephri: Who are these people, nya?

??? 4: We’ll answer that, mate, but first, what in tarnation are you doing here?

Alexa: It’s a long story. Now, would you mind telling us who you are?

??? 1: My personality’s as hard as the name implies, I’m Obsidian Bass!

??? 2: A cabin by dark, but when the sun comes up, it’s FortLite!

??? 3: Shaped from a coal, but with a sharp intellect, Diamond!

??? 4: With a nifty gadget and unmasked features, the TechNeko strikes!

All ???s: And together we are… The DJ Squad!

Vampi: Those are… interesting names.

TechNeko: Trust me, our real names are much more interesting.

Itch: Then do you mind telling us them?

FortLite: Fine. Isaac Fortlorn.

Obsidian: Jenny Nihire.

Diamond: Caidence Banisworth.

TechNeko: Alexa Hattomi.

Alexa: Wait… Did you say… Alexa Hattomi?

Alexa II: Yep. Alexa Hattomi.

*silence is heard for 10 seconds*

Alexa: Yeah, all of you might wanna come with us. Now that we’ve seen each other’s universes’ selves, your universe is about to get destroyed.

Isaac II: Wait, what? How much time do we have left?

Itch: I’d say about… 5 minutes.

Jenny: Crap.

Isaac II: Squad, go grab your stuff. We’re moving out. And make sure to get The Headphones.

Alexa II: Not forgetting Neph.

Nephri: But I’m right here, nya.

Alexa and Itch: Knowing parallel universes, Other Alexa’s probably talking about a different Nephri.

Caidence: Alright. Didn’t have much stuff. I’m ready.

Vampi: Itch, toss him up.

Itch: *grabs Caidence’s feet* Going up! *Caidence goes through the portal*

Jenny: Done. I got this myself. *she powers up her jump and goes through the portal*

Itch: *looking at his watch* I’d say about 3 minutes left.

Mizana: Heck it. *jumps through after Jenny*

Isaac II: Where’s Tech? I always keep my stuff with me.

Alexa: Don’t worry. She’ll be here soon.

*20 seconds pass*

Itch: 2 minutes left.

Isaac II: Friggit, I’m gonna go help her.

Alexa: Not without me!

*Alexa and Isaac II rush into Alexa II’s room, helping her grab everything she needs*

Itch: 30 seconds!

Alexa II: Time’s up.

Alexa I, Alexa II, and Isaac II: Let’s rush.

*the three rush back to the portal, jumping through it; Nephri, TAS, and Vampi follow, with Itch jumping in last as the portal closes*

(Meanwhile, in the regular universe)

Caidence: *jumps through, landing on the floor*

Taniza: Oh, hey, Itch, why are you guys back so quick— Wait, who are you?

Jenny: *jumping through the portal* No time to explain right now. Waiting on Isaac and Alexa.

Isaac I: I’m right here.

Mizana: *coming through the portal* Wrong Isaac.

*about 1 minute and 37 seconds pass*

Jenny: Where in heck are they?

*Isaac II, Alexa, and Alexa II come through the portal, the rest coming though one by one, and the portal closing behind Itch*

Isaac II: That was a close one.

Both Alexas: You can say that again.

Taniza: Alright, alright, what’s going on?

Binary Bard: What’s all the ruckus in here? *he stares at the two Alexas side by side* And why are there two Alexas?

Alexa: Time to answer questions. Itch had set the wrong coordinates, we went to their dimension and I saw this Alexa.

Isaac II: The grumpy one—

Itch: It’s Itch, dude.

Isaac II: told us we had five minutes to pack, so me, Alexa, Jenny, and Caidence jumped through.

Isaac I: Alright, this is going to be confusing. Can we simplify the names of parallel me and parallel Alexa?

Isaac II: Good idea. Call me “Fortlite” and call my Alexa “Techneko.”

Alexa I: Back to the drawing board, eh? Anyway, let’s get to OUR Q session.

E to Nephri: Who’s your senpai?

Nephri: Hmmm… Hard to tell, nya… Probably Alexa, nya.

Both Alexas: Figures.


E to Itch: What’s the recharge time on your parallel universe transporter thingy?

Itch: Honestly? Anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Forgot if it was Alexa I, TAS, or Bard that did it, but they added a recharging battery.

Alexa II: A recharging battery… I gotta get myself one of those.

Alexa I: It’s somewhat easy really. Itch can get one for ya.


E to Alexa I and Nephri: Since you guys are dating now (and since I’m still lonely and bad at relationships), do you guys have any advice for me?

Alexa: Well, not much we can give ya. Really just be yourself, and find someone who likes you for who you truly are.

Nephri: Pretty much sums that up, nya. Can anyone else account for that?

Alexa II and Isaac II: Make that one pair.

Isaac I and Taniza: Make that 2.

Alexa I: Noted.


E to Itch, Alexa I, TAS, and Nephri: Why were you guys smirking? What are you implying?

Alexa I: *looks at TAS*

TAS: *looks at Nephri*

Nephri: *looks at Itch*

Itch: *looks at Alexa I*

All 4: *turning to an imaginary camera, smirking* You should know.

Alexa II: That just creeps me out.

Mizana: You get used to it.


E to everyone: Do you guys think I need a life?

Vampi, Alexa I, Nephri, Black Widow, and Dr. Hare: Maybe.

Itch, TAS, the rest of Team MINT, and the rest of the Villains: Yes.

The DJ Squad: Who is this again?

Alexa I: I’ll tell you all later.

Alexa II: *sigh* Nephri, put that on my TDL.

Nephri: But I don’t know what that is, nya…

Computerized voice that sounds oddly like Nephri: Added, nya.

Alexa II: I meant my AI assistant. Her name’s Nephri.

Nephri II: At your service, nya.

Taniza: Learning something new every day, that’s for sure.


Red Rider to Itch: Yeah, that question that everyone knows the answer to but nobody knows the question? The question’s 7×6.

Itch: Permission to rant?

Alexa I, Team MINT, Vampi, and TAS: Permission granted.

Itch: Here goes… *he takes a deep breath* That’s actually false, because in the story that says the answer to life, the universe, and everything, the computer that calculates the answer, named Deep Thought, said that the characters who asked for that answer never added a question. It’s said later in the story when the main characters Ford and Arthur talk to brainiac mice that the mice say that 7×6 would never be the question to life, the universe, and everything, due to how simplistic it is. Rather, they instead have to come up with a random question that would be plausible to get out of trouble. The makeshift question is actually “How many” whatever it was “does it take to truly reach enlightenment?” But, as stated IN the story, that is actually not the question, since it’s stated IN THE STORY that it’s not the actual question. Therefore, there basically is no question to life, the universe and everything. If you need more proof, look at MatPat’s Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa capabilities.

Both Alexas: …are you done now?

Itch: *gasping for air* I…  I think so…

Alexa I: Great. Onto the next question…

Vampi: Well… There are no more questions.

TAS: *plays the Donkey Kong Country death sound*


Alexa I: As always, if you have questions for any of us, feel free to ask. The new updated list of people are… Myself, Alexa; Alexa II; Nephri; Itch; Mizana; TAS; Isaac I; Isaac II; Taniza; Vampi; Jenny; and Caidence.

Jenny: Hey, I’m second to last. Is that good or something?

Caidence: I guess…

Alexa I: Whatever, just keep poppin’ it!


Vampi and Jenny’s editing note: This is actually uploaded 2 days early: we were going to make this post after Halloween, but Vampi had enough time in class to type this.



Hello, readers. 0b51d14n again.

So the puzzle’s been finished that Alexa and I worked on, but I have a few puzzles for all of you.

The first: try and figure out my real name. It’s a reference to something said in an earlier post. Winners get a shoutout in Alexa’s next Q&A.

The second: If you can figure out the sentence said in this mix of computer languages, you’ll also get a shoutout. Here’s the sentence:

01010111 01100101 01101100 01101100 00101110 596f752068617800 1063226356534462544 6f757420746864 701653647515431227 01000111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101010 01101111 01100010 00101110


Have fun! Put your answers to each puzzle in the comments before Halloween and the shoutouts are yours!




Hello there, blog readers.

One of Alexa’s friends has been deemed a traitor. And not an online friend, an IRL friend.

And in her terms, the traitorism has grown.

So here’s the deal.

Alexa and friends asked me to help them trick the traitors. So we’ve been working a long time on creating a puzzle.

And Alexa has decided not to continue her Q&A series until the puzzle’s been solved.

So until the puzzle’s been solved, the blog will be inactive.

Hope you understand!


Happy Bloggiversary to E!

Alexa: Alright, mates. Let’s see what kinda crap’s on the internet right now.

Mizana, Nephri, and Itch: What’s with the accent?

Vampi: Long story. Let’s just say it’s for something we’re working on.

Isaac: Sounds mysterious.

Alexa: Oh, that’s awesome! Itch, you still got the right settings to get to E’s place?

Itch: Yeah, why do you ask?

Alexa: We’re gonna give her a present for her bloggiversary today. Mizana, can you bake a cake?

Mizana: Yep. Weiss had me bake the cake for the dance we had back at Beacon. Everyone loved it.

Alexa: Alright, that’s great. How fast can you do it?

Mizana: Tell me when and it’ll be done within 15 minutes.

Alexa: Well, get it done. It’s time.

Mizana: On it.

<17 minutes later>

Alexa: Is the portal ready, Itch?

Itch: Yup. Popping it open now. *he presses a button and a portal opens*

Nephri: *grabs the cake and slowly drops it down to the ground*

Vampi: *stretching, knocking on the door and saying “Special Delivery!”*

Alexa: *adding an envelope with a note in it, then getting out just as Itch closes the portal* Alright, that’s done.

Vampi’s note: E, if you question any of this, ask me, Alexa, and Neph on Discord when you get the chance. Happy bloggiversary from Team MINTATIV (Mizana, Isaac, Nephri, Taniza, Alexa, TAS, Itch, and Vampi)!

Reblog, Plus A Milestone Hit!

Itch: *coming in through the back door* WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!!!!!

Alexa: Finally not doing it in public…

Vampi (who finally decided to show his face): Hey, Alexa…

Alexa: Vampi? The hecking bork are you doing here?

Vampi: You know how I have access to your social medias, right? Well, I got on WordPress today, and all I’m saying is happy birthday.

Alexa: It’s not my birthday, that’s in 10 months.

Vampi: Well, it’s your birthday on WordPress. Two years since you started.

Alexa: Wait… TWO YEARS?!? *she starts frantically trashing the kitchen*

Nephri: What are you doing, nya?


Mizana: What do you me-

Vampi and Itch: She refers to cake as a lie. References to video games and such.

Mizana: Oh… Anyway, we gathered a group for ya. Vampi hijacked some government tech, and we brought all your roleplay characters to life.

Alexa: You guys…

*some roleplay characters start coming out*


(And due to PSAT testing, I have to end here. Later, guys!)

Ask the Group Episode 15: Guest Starring…

Alexa: *walks into the AtG house* Honey, I’m- wait, it’s only the villains here.
Itch: I’m here.
Alexa: You don’t count. You universe-hopped here. Anyway, get the villains here.
TAS: *plays a get over here sound effect*
Alexa: *as the villains come down* So, I got Itch’s inter-universal email over to mine, and found out we’re picking up a special guest or two. Itch’s picking them up in… 10 seconds. Go get ‘em Itch.
Itch: *pops open a dimensional portal, and drags out a special guest that’s carrying the second special guest*
Alexa: And that is…
E: *lets go and shakes out arms* Ugh! I hate dimensional jumps! It feels so weird… I mean hi.
Itch: You get used to it.
E: You don’t want to know how much I’ve done it.
Poptropica: I think I’m going to be sick.
Alexa: Don’t worry. Think Itch brought healing potions from this one universe back on his vacation.
E: Yay dimensional rifts! *sighs* I break things. Breathe buddy.
Alexa: Anyway, while Itch tends to the second special guest…
Itch: …Huh? Oh, right. *walks off*
Alexa: …I’ll introduce our first special guest. Everyone, this is E!
E: E, El, Elyana. Hi.
Binary Bard: Princess Elyana? You look different…
Alexa: Wrong Elyana.
E: Nah, but I do get that a lot. *Sighs* Hence the nickname.
Alexa: And our next special guest is the 10-year-old she’s babysitting, a human version of the game the Villains come from, Poptropica!
Itch: Think I got him fixed!
E: You OK kiddo?
Poptropica: Yeah. Hi everyone.
Nephri: And since Vampi goes to school with us, nya, he’s just glad he doesn’t have to write the questions. He says writing them is hard on his hands, nya.
E: Wut?
Alexa: Ignore it. We say things that don’t make sense all the time.
E: Same, TBH.
Alexa: Shall we get onto the Qs, then?
E: Sounds good to me.
Poptropica: Can I have some candy?
E: *pats down pockets* Uh… maybe later.
Alexa: *sets down his backpack, and grabs out a plastic bag of Tootsie Rolls* Take em’. I keep them in there for special occasions.
Poptropica: Thank you! *takes a couple and starts eating them*
Alexa: Anyway, let’s get into the Qs.
E: Sweet.

E to Nephri: Can I call you Neph? Neef? IDK, I need a life.

Nephri: Sure thing, nya!
E: Sweet! I kinda forgot I asked that, heh heh.
Alexa: Trust me. Me and Vampi forget almost EVERYTHING.
E: Same. I actually forgot my brother somewhere once! Heh heh… I was grounded for the rest of the night.
Alexa: Forgot my Hatsune Miku Keychain at a hotel. Consequence? My relationship with my 11th ex-girlfriend broken.
E: Dang. Well. I’ve never been in a relationship so YAY.
Itch: Wouldn’t you consider you-know-who one?
E: Whaddya mean?
Itch: You know. *he, Alexa, TAS, and Nephri start smirking*
E: … What?
Itch: Eh, whatever. Next question.
E: I’m so confused.

E to Itch: Wut?
Itch: What’s this question about again?
E: That whole thing last time with “the question “ etceteria.
Itch: Oh, that. Yeah, there’s this one book about a couple of aliens that rescue the last human on earth, and all this other stuff happens, and a long time ago these other aliens asked a computer the question “What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.”
E: 42. I’ve heard that quote at least.
Itch & Alexa: And yet still, nobody knows the question to the answer.
E: I have no response to that.
Mizana: Neither do we.
E: Yay.

E to Alexa: Get well soon, being sick is the WORST!
Alexa: Thanks for the get-well wishes, E. Nose is still running, but it’s lessened.
E: NP! I’ve been sick way too much this month…
Alexa: Unfortunately, all that sneezing semi-clogged my right ear. Glad I have earwax removal kits out the wazoo.
E: In the what?
Alexa: Something my dad says a lot.
E: Oh. Ok.
Alexa: Next question, though.

E to Vampi: How’d the dentist appointment go?
Alexa: Hold up, lemme text Vampi…
E: Yay dentists. I was just there.
Alexa: Texted back. He said after an hour, the whole right side of his mouth hurt, but it’s fine now.
E: Dang… did he get a tooth pulled?
Alexa: Nope. He took a video of it, but deleted it afterward. It’s just getting some cavities filled.
E: Ow. I just went in for routine. And… I didn’t brush my teeth when I was sick and the lady was not happy with me.
Mizana: Youch. I used to not brush my teeth to begin with until I got on the school paper at Beacon.
E: I used to be pretty bad about it until I got these. *Grins, showing braces*
Nephri: Ooooh… What are those, nya?
E: Pain and suffering in order to get straight teeth.
Nephri: Sounds bad, nya.
E: *shrugs* Eh, isn’t too bad for me, at least my dentist said I can still have popcorn.
Taniza: Cool. Maybe we can have a movie night.
E: I am in full support of this. Just nothing above PG please.
Alexa: Noted.

Alexa: And now, questions that Vampi said E never asked. Let’s see how it goes, I guess…

E to the Villains: Do you guys ever get on the internet for anything? YouTube, DeviantArt, blogs?
Black Widow: I bodyguard Vampi and Alexa’s DeviantArt pages.
E: They have DeviantArt?!
Captain Crawfish: Apparently, matey. I don’t need these internets, I just use cannons to catch fish.
Alexa: Crawfish! Wrong internet!
E: Ok then… but do you guys like read blogs or watch YT or what?
Binary Bard: Some of the data in my storage comes from blogs. Then again, I do use Google.
Director D: The internet is always the place where we find our next victi- I mean, recruits.
E: .-. Well then.
Dr. Hare: I use it to buy carrots!
Alexa: The website doesn’t count, Harvey.
Dr. Hare: Nagdabbit.
E: Doncha mean Dagnabbit?
Alexa: It’s an inside joke. We switched N and D. Nagdabbit is the replacement for all cuss words.
E: Ah… well played. Is cussing a problem around here?
Alexa: Not really. We just keep that rule in place in case Vampi’s tempted to add one in afterward.
E: Wow. It’s usually good at our place, but Wid is special sometimes.
Black Widow: What do you mean?
E: *pauses* Well cat.
Alexa and Itch: Parallel universe Wid, not you.
Black Widow: Oh. That makes sense. I guess. I think.
E: Welcome to my life. *Glances at the others, then sighs*

E to Dr Hare: *gives him a carrot* Merry Easter.
Dr. Hare: Easter isn’t until March… I’m heavily confused now.
E: Is it this year? Eh. Well, I wasn’t sure if it was your birthday Tuesday, it was for my friend and I thought I’d just be nice.
Dr. Hare: I’ll take it then. Could always use the carr-
*TAS steals the carrot*
Dr. Hare: TAS!
TAS: 😀
E: … Ok then.

E: And… now it’s down to me to do the end card.
Poptropica: The what?
E: The… I may have been watching too much TheOdd1sOut. ANYWAYS, if you want to send in a Q (or 6), you can ask Alexa, Itch, TAS, Mizana, Isaac, me, Taniza, Vampi, and the Pop Villain 5 anything you want! That includes dreams, rocks, crushes, ships, Pop, did you eat all the Tootsie Rolls?
Poptropica: No. *Hides bag behind back*
E: Child, be honest.
Poptropica: I only ate half the bag…
E: Oh. That’s ok, we can pay Alexa back later, since something’s up at our place too!
Alexa: No need to pay. I’m feeling generous.
E: You sure?
Alexa: Yup. But as always…
Alexa, Nephri, Mizana, Taniza, and Itch: Keep poppin’ it!
Poptropica: What?!
E: Not you, you’re fine.
Alexa: Shall we get going, E? I still remember the deal.
E: Yup! Um… how many are coming? The apartment’s a little cramped…
Itch: Only me, Alexa, Nephri… anybody else?
Alexa: Vampi texts saying “I’m joining in via inter-universal texting.”
E: You guys know I live on Earth, right?
Alexa: Yeah.
Itch: You live on Earth-2319, and we live on Earth-1379.
E: *shrugs* I haven’t checked the numbers. We just go between two, mostly.
Itch: Right. Let’s go!
*Itch opens a portal, and everyone jumps in, except for Itch*
Itch: Wubba lubba dub dub!!! *he jumps in and the portal closes*
Isaac: …That was certainly interesting.

Vampi the Editor: JESUS HECK, 3 DAYS IN THE MAKING. Shoutout to E for being patient enough to put up with the likes of the Group, and let’s see what chaos we can create at E’s session!

Ask the Group Episode 14: Full Tank

Vampi the Editor: Full Tank’s referencing the amount of energy Nephri has lel, but the songs actually one of the final songs for Parappa the Rapper. Also one of the funniest video game songs in existence because it has to do with bathroom humor, apparently.

Alexa: Ughhhhhhhh….

Nephri: What’s wrong, Alexa-kun, nya?

Alexa: I’m sick. Had a runny nose and a sore throat all week. Fixed the sore throat, but the runny nose just keeps coming. *he grabs a Kleenex from the box beside the bed he’s in* I’m staying in bed, Neph. Do the Qs without me.

Nephri: It would be an honor, nya.

Alexa: Thanks, Neph. If there’s any Qs for me, just save them until next time.

Nephri: Just… Get well soon, nya. *she walks out, going to the living room, where everyone is* We’re doing the Qs without Alexa-kun, nya.

Itch: What? We’ve never done the Qs without Alexa!

Mizana: Guess today’s the first, huh. I’ll read the Qs then.

Nephri: Alexa told me to save her questions for next time.

Mizana: Alright, here goes.


LW to Itch: Ok… Next question, how long have you been watching me and why?

Itch: Same as the answer to The Question.

Isaac: The Question?

Itch: Yep. Wait, no, wrong question. I’m thinking of the other question.

Isaac: The Other Question.

Itch: Yep. Same as the answer to the question “How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?” The world may never know.

Isaac: What’s the answer to the first question?

Itch: 42.

Isaac: What’s the question?

Itch: Nobody knows.


LW to Black Widow: I’m probably going to die for asking… But I was wondering if you have your eye on anyone now that you’re single again.

Itch: You get a pass this time.

Black Widow: And the answer is no. Nothing but my occupation.

Isaac: One committed thief, if you ask me.

TAS: *nods*


LW to Dr Hare: Are you vegetarian?

Dr. Hare: All I eat are carrots. Of course I’m a vegetarian!

Isaac: How do you get your protein?

Dr. Hare: I don’t.

Isaac: But that makes no sense.

Dr. Hare: Don’t question it.


LW to everyone: Do you guys watch Miraculous Ladybug? 🐞

Itch: Alexa was dared to, Nephri joined in. Me and TAS got a peek. Nephri liked it because of Cat Noir.

Nephri: If I wasn’t with Alexa, nya, I’d totally be in Ladybug’s spot.

Isaac: I question all this.

Itch: Like Dr. Hare said. Don’t question it.


LW to everyone again: What are y’all gonna be for Halloween?

Nephri: I’m going as myself, nya.

Isaac: Ninja.

Taniza: Samurai.

Mizana: Me and Alexa are still discussing.

Itch: Rick from Rick and Morty.

Black Widow: Art thief.

Dr. Hare, Binary Bard, and Captain Crawfish: Self-explanatory.

Director D: Secret agent.

TAS: *holds up a bunch of 1s and 0s*

Itch: Assuming that’s a hacker?

TAS: *nods, then pulls up a picture of Retr0 from Watch Dogs 2*


Red Rider to everyone: Can I play minecraft with all of you?

Villains + Team MINT: What’s Minecraft? *Nephri adds a nya at the end*

Alexa: *from his room* Is that Red talking about Minecraft again?!?

Nephri: *yelling back* Yes, nya!

Alexa: Ughhhhhhhhhhhh…

Itch: Last I checked, he doesn’t have enough space for Minecraft on her computer, and the laptop he does have it on runs at 2 frames per second. So that’s probably a no.

Binary Bard: Looked up Minecraft, doesn’t work with my interface.

TAS: *shakes his head no, then shrugging to apologize*


Nephri: You should know by nyow what I’m gonna say, nya. Ask Alexa-kun, Itch-san, TAS-san, Mizana-san, Isaac-san, me, Taniza-san, Black Widow-san, Binary Bard-san, Captain Crawfish-san, Dr. Hare-san, and Director D-san. And as Alexa-kun would say, nya, keep poppin’ it!

Alexa: *from room* Did you guys finish?!?

Nephri: Yes, nya!

Alexa: Then can Itch do me a favor? I need more Kleenexes.


Ask the Group #13: It’s Raining Somewhere Else

Vampi: Song is from the Undertale OST, song number 63.

Alexa: *annoyed* Nephri…

Nephri: Yes, nya?

Alexa: Have you been on my Discord again?

Nephri: Yes, nya…

Alexa: …Go ahead and use it if you want. I saw you joined an RP thing, I’m very surprised you’re reflecting your character off yourself.

Nephri: Thank you, nya.

Alexa: Anyway, I think it’s time for-

Itch: *busting in* Alexa!

Alexa: Lemme guess…

Alexa and Itch: The Qs arrived.

Alexa: I swear, I can sense that from a mile away. Bring everyone in.


Red Rider to everyone: Can you play Minecraft with me?

Nephri: Oh, forgot to tell you, nya. They PMed you on Discord, nya, wanting to play Minecraft.

Alexa: Let’s hope my computer decides to run it… It’s been lacking the ability to lately.


LW to Nephri: Nya?

Nephri: Nya.

TAS: *plays that one Crash Bandicoot “Woah” meme*

Nephri: *says Nya everytime Crash says “woah”*


LW to Dr. Hare: So… Now you’re Batman… Bat-Hare?

Dr. Hare: Me? No way. Nephri would be a better Batman than me.

Nephri: Nah. I’m already Catwoman, nya.

Alexa: I’d be a good Batman.

Nephri: I totally agree, nya.


LW to Alexa: You hate spiders? Are you arachnophobic?

Alexa: Oh, I’m not just arachnophobic. I’m entomophobic as well.

Isaac: Entomophobic?

Itch: *using TAS’s phone* Fear of bugs.

Nephri: Don’t worry, nya! I’m a certified bug-killer, nya!

Alexa: Exactly why I love you.


LW to everyone: Favorite books?

Alexa: Do magazines count?

Mizana: Don’t think so.

Alexa: Nagdabbit. If that’s the case, probably DJ Rising by Love Maia.

Isaac: Blake introduced me to Ninjas in Love back at Beacon.

Mizana: Blake introduced me to The Man with Two Souls.

Taniza: Blake introduced me to the sequel of that.

Nephri: I dunno, nya… I haven’t read that many books, nya…

Itch: Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Great book about survival.

TAS: *text to speech* Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi.

Black Widow: Funny, that’s my fave too.

Dr. Hare: Any book about carrots.

Binary Bard: Hmmm… Galactic Hot Dogs, maybe?

Captain Crawfish: On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers.

Director D: Can’t say I have a favorite one.

Vampi the Editor: Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney.


LW to Black Widow: Can we call truce? I never called you… that name… and I don’t wanna die.

Black Widow: Fine… Truce.

Alexa and Nephri: Let’s see how long this lasts, nya.

Itch: I’m with you two.


LW to Itch: What do you use to travel between dimensions?

Itch: First off, it’s parallel universes. Second, I can create portals with my mind and transport from there. Kinda like the portal gun from Rick and Morty, now that I think about it…


Nephri: While Alexa works on his homework, nya, I’ll close out. You can ask him, Itch, TAS, Mizana, Isaac, me, Taniza, Vampi, and the Pop Villain 5 whatever you want, nya! And as always, nya, keep poppin’ it!

Itch: You’re doing it wrong, Alexa. It’s that plus—

Alexa: Whatever.

Ask the Group #12: Friends

Vampi the Editor: Song is Friends by Hyper Potions, made for the opening animation of Sonic Mania.


Alexa: I swear, I have a curse put upon me.

Nephri: What is it, nya~?

Alexa: Whenever my favorite songs come up on Pandora, I always have to leave!

Nephri: Well, you’ve always got me, Alexa!

Alexa: Yeah, yeah. Back to Pandora, anyway… *a few clicks are heard, and Beep Beep I’m a Sheep starts playing, and he starts dancing along to it, Nephri jumping in a bit after*

Taniza: ALEXA! *she bursts open the door*

Alexa: *as she pauses the music, sighing* Beep, beep, RIP the sheep… What is it, Taniza?

Taniza: We’ve got a load of Qs.

Vampi the Editor: and an iOS update to go thru

Alexa: Alright, get everyone in here. Let’s see…


LW to Blackie: Why did you do that! I was asking a mostly honest Q!

Black Widow: Itch. Do it agai-

Alexa: *phone dings* Hold up. Vampi texted me. “sry on my part, 4got u didn’t like b-ing calld black e”

Itch: Aw, and I had another fridge at the ready.

Black Widow: Ah, whatever. Bet you’re tired of holding the fridge up.

Itch: Nah.


LW to Alexa: Sorry. Once you initiate a Q&A, there’s never a down moment. I should probably warn people about it.

Alexa: Oh, no worries, Lucky! I always have down moments, hehe.

Itch: I find that hard to believe.

Alexa: Because you’re always away during my down moments…

Itch: Exactly.


LW to Itch: Why bro? Why?

Itch: It was needed.

Mizana: What’d you do, drop a fridge on her?

Itch: Yes.

Alexa and Mizana: Wait, you actually dropped a fridge on her?

Itch: Yes. Don’t question it.


LW to everyone: Who can drive, legally or no?

Alexa: I can drive on Mario Kart. Does that count?

Nephri: Does to me, nya~!

Mizana: I don’t think so. I don’t really need to drive, my blue eyes let me go fast.

Vampi the Editor: if you can note the reference in that, 10 points to you lel

Villains: Nope.


LW to the Villains: Love your work, BTW.

Black Widow: Thanks. That’s at least one compliment other than the ones Alexa gave me when we were dating.

Alexa: Hey!

Dr. Hare: I do as well think my BunnyBot plan was going terrific until you sabotaged it, Alexa.

Director D: Same with my hair removal ray!

Captain Crawfish: And the search fer me pirate booty! And, er, not the one attached te me.

Alexa: Hey, be glad I’m at least giving you all a place to stay.

Villains: *various mumbles of approval and understanding*


LW to Director D: Do you ever change up your hair?

Director D: No, my toupee is fine. I’ve gotten… used to it.

Isaac and Taniza: Wait, you wear a toupee?

Alexa: You never noticed his hair shifting back and forth when he nods?

Isaac: Point proven.


LW to Dr. Hare: You don’t have superpowers? Wow. My life just got a whole lot more depressing.

Vampi the Editor: quick deviation but I’m editing this in class and my history teacher just dabbed. the whole class started talking about it, then I stood up in my chair and said “you think that’s good?” and did the hardest dab in my life. memes for the win amirite

Alexa: Why is that sad? Batman doesn’t have super powers and he’s still a super hero. The same thing could happen with Dr. Hare!

Dr. Hare: Yeah! Wait, what are we talking about again?

Alexa: Oi…


LW to everyone again: Got any fashion tips? (Because I have the sense of style of a brick.)

Alexa: Organize clothes from left to right light to dark.

Mizana: Never wear glasses on your head on a hot day.

Nephri: If you’ve got claws like mine, try not to destroy your clothes with them.

Taniza: When it comes to laundry, it’s good to know the hotter the water, the cleaner the clothes.

Alexa: You can- actually, now that I think about it, none of us have good tips for fashion. We really just choose our own clothes and go with it. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s their opinion, and we can respect it.


Fierce Flyer to Everyone: What’s your favorite school subject?

Alexa: It’s a tie between Animation and Computer Science.

Mizana and Taniza: Remnant History.

Isaac and Nephri: Grimm Studies.

Itch: Anything where I can spend a bunch of free time.

TAS: *plays “When mom’s not home” to signify band*

Black Widow: Art, of course.

Dr. Hare and Director D: Engineering and Robotics.

Alexa: Ya see? We’re all diverse.


Fierce Flyer to Black Widow: Why pick the name Black Widow?

Black Widow: Honestly? I have no idea. I guess sneaking in down a rope like a black widow spider would do with its web.

Alexa: Neato. I still hate spiders though…


Fierce Flyer to Director D: If you were a villain on any other island, what would it be?

Director D: Well, technically, I’m already a villain on Reality TV, so I guess that.

Alexa: You were on Reality TV? I never saw you on there.

Director D: It was an earlier season.


Fierce Flyer to Alexa: What do you think about the upcoming Sonic Forces.

Alexa: I’m glad we practiced this. Mizana, Itch, Nephri, you know what to do. Cue the music, TAS!

TAS: *quickly searches up the Sonic forces theme and presses play*

Alexa, Mizana, Itch, and Nephri: Together, we can show the world what we can do! *Alexa and Nephri lean against each other, Mizana and Itch doing the same* You are next to me and I’m next to you! *Nephri clones herself twice, and the three Nephris playfully push the other three* Push us on through until the battle’s won! *Nephri’s clones disappear, and the four get in line once again* No one’s gonna give nothing to us! *they link arms* Into each other we put our trust! Standing united, after the fight!

Alexa: *singing solo* All along, we will never be… The two of us are holding the key… We see today a world we couldn’t see… Before I say goodbye to you…

Alexa, Mizana, Isaac, and Nephri: One more last fist buuuuuuuuuuump! *the 4 fist bump each other*

Everyone -Alexa, Mizana, Isaac, and Nephri: *applauding*


Nephri: Since Alexa can’t stop doing the impromptu drums to the song, you know what to do. Ask Alexa, Itch, TAS, Vampi, Mizana, Isaac, me, Taniza, and the Villains whatever! And keep poppin’ it!

Vampi the editor: I’ll get to work on the next post when my stepdad and I get home with my stepsis because she’ll be with us for the weekend. heck, maybe, I’ll let her answer some everyone Qs beside me lol