A Return

Many promises have been broken since I was last on here.

I never got to go over Greek Sea Odyssey on Worlds, I never did the Poptropica Hunger Games, and I never finished speedrunning each island in Poptropica Original OR Worlds.

It’s almost as if I neglected this blog since that binary text post that was made… a year ago?

Well, I think I should let you know…

…this blog isn’t dying until I make it.

I’ll be honest, I actually have neglected this blog for a while. Junior year of high school gets the best of us sometimes.

I’ve got a few more weeks until I become a senior and have way more time to work on this.

And when that happens:

I. I’ll start working on Pop Hunger Games,

II. I’ll continue working on speedrunning every island on Poptropica, and

III. I’ll get that post about Greek Sea Odyssey, AND the 24 Carrot reboot, out.

This is Inktavia, and welcome back to Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot!

2 thoughts on “A Return

  1. You say this, but uh… I hear Flash is gonna be discontinued in the next month or so.
    Flash is what Poptropica runs on, so no Flash, presumably no Poptropica, and no more chance to speedrun islands on Poptropica. (Or do Greek Sea Odyssey or 24 Carrot reboot if you haven’t done them already).
    So… Oof.


    1. Correction: Just looked it up, and Flash is actually ending near the end of 2020. Poptropica may migrate to a different format by then, but Idk. Would presumably wanna get through all this by the end of next year, just to be safe.
      Seems like a fairly long time to get things done, but I also know how you are most of the time, so… Good luck there. You may or may not need it.


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