helo am tas wit noos.


i m tas, iff dun rmmbr mi

pls excoos grammr, ths hw usule tip


n-e-whey, acrdng 2 p-h-bee, sum cre8rs wer lit gu dis wk

mich kurpahtah, snr stry dvluhpr n nartiv dsignr dd fnl vid wlkthr az cpn crwfis 4 grk c ody-c n chang linkdN profil 2 sho hi nu lngr wrk @ pptrpca hq

alsu snr rtis lanc french-fri chang his linkdN profil az wel

p-h-bee therizs tht mayb stryrc mda wz mkn budg cts n valubl tm mmbrs cldnt gt pad 4 bes wrk r mayb wrkrs hd uh falln out wt highr uhp

su lok lik wi r n pridicmnt.

agn sry 4 bd grmr, mi hav vamp transl8

dis hav bin tasbot

c u l8r

kep ppn iht


Vampi’s Translation:


I’m TAS, if you don’t remember me.

Please excuse my grammar, this is how I usually type.


Anyway, according to the PHB, some Creators were let go this week.

Mitch Krpata, senior story developer and narrative designer, did his final video walkthrough as Captain Crawfish, and changed his LinkedIn profile to show he no longer works at Poptropica HQ (aka StoryArc Media.)

Also, senior artist Lance Fry changed his LinkedIn profile as well.

The PHB theorizes that maybe StoryArc Media was making budget cuts and valuable team members couldn’t get paid for their best work, or maybe workers had a falling out with higher ups.

So it looks like we are in a predicament.

Again, sorry for bad grammar, I’ll have Vampi translate.

This has been TASBot. (Apparently that’s TAS’s username online. /shrug)

See you later.

Keep poppin’ it.


(So yes, apparently TAS is kidnapping us and telling us he’s letting us go when E gives him his pizza ransom. Get ready for more bad grammar.)

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