An Excuse to Post? Yes.

Hey, guys, Trusty here. Ha, kidding, it’s Vampi/Alexa/whatever you call me now.

And yes, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve either been working on my Q&A series, the ATG, over on, or working on one of my two new series (which are Vampi and Friends Review and Vampi Theories) on my old randomness blog that I’m starting to use again, called Random Vampiness. (Is there a way to change your site URL? Cuz I really need to change the name.)

Anyway, I figured since I haven’t posted here in a while, what better to do than talk about the things that happened while I was away? And by that I mean almost nothing, because all that really happened was there was a hidden picture game on the PHB that I got first place in, but otherwise… Wait. I smell it. That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells… smelly.

A new Island.

Itch, from the ATG: What?


Earlier this month — and by that I mean just recently — the Creators posted about their new Poptropica Worlds island. It’s kind of a remastered version of Mythology Island, but not really.

Ladies, gentlemen, E, welcome to Greek Sea Odyssey!

I’ll post more about it when it comes out, because I need to get to work on Vampi Theories, but until then, this is Trusty/Vampi/Alexa signing out. Keep poppin’ it!


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