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Vampi’s Translation:


I’m TAS, if you don’t remember me.

Please excuse my grammar, this is how I usually type.


Anyway, according to the PHB, some Creators were let go this week.

Mitch Krpata, senior story developer and narrative designer, did his final video walkthrough as Captain Crawfish, and changed his LinkedIn profile to show he no longer works at Poptropica HQ (aka StoryArc Media.)

Also, senior artist Lance Fry changed his LinkedIn profile as well.

The PHB theorizes that maybe StoryArc Media was making budget cuts and valuable team members couldn’t get paid for their best work, or maybe workers had a falling out with higher ups.

So it looks like we are in a predicament.

Again, sorry for bad grammar, I’ll have Vampi translate.

This has been TASBot. (Apparently that’s TAS’s username online. /shrug)

See you later.

Keep poppin’ it.


(So yes, apparently TAS is kidnapping us and telling us he’s letting us go when E gives him his pizza ransom. Get ready for more bad grammar.)

An Excuse to Post? Yes.

Hey, guys, Trusty here. Ha, kidding, it’s Vampi/Alexa/whatever you call me now.

And yes, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve either been working on my Q&A series, the ATG, over on, or working on one of my two new series (which are Vampi and Friends Review and Vampi Theories) on my old randomness blog that I’m starting to use again, called Random Vampiness. (Is there a way to change your site URL? Cuz I really need to change the name.)

Anyway, I figured since I haven’t posted here in a while, what better to do than talk about the things that happened while I was away? And by that I mean almost nothing, because all that really happened was there was a hidden picture game on the PHB that I got first place in, but otherwise… Wait. I smell it. That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells… smelly.

A new Island.

Itch, from the ATG: What?


Earlier this month — and by that I mean just recently — the Creators posted about their new Poptropica Worlds island. It’s kind of a remastered version of Mythology Island, but not really.

Ladies, gentlemen, E, welcome to Greek Sea Odyssey!

I’ll post more about it when it comes out, because I need to get to work on Vampi Theories, but until then, this is Trusty/Vampi/Alexa signing out. Keep poppin’ it!


Big News that Nobody Understands

Hey, hello, Alexa here.

So according to Antics and Schematics, I should be on hiatus. However, I was scrolling through blogs and found a post about something related to Poptropica that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a post about it.

Adobe, the creators of the Flash player that Poptropica runs on, confirmed that in 2020, they’re stopping all improvements and distributions of the Flash player. That means once 2020 hits, no Flash player…

…or is there?


When I continued reading the post, one thing caught my eye: “stopping all improvements and distributions.” I took that as meaning “hey, just because they’re not improving or distributing more versions of Flash doesn’t mean it won’t stop existing.”

Then a single Google search proved me wrong.

A post on says it’s shutting down Flash games by the end of 2020 (as well as advising developers to switch their formats from Flash to something like HTML5, WebGL, Unity, or other types of platforms), and further research on confirms it by saying “updates will no longer be released and web browsers will drop support entirely.”

So what’s this mean for Poptropica?


Seeing as Poptropica runs on Flash, the owners of it, now Sandbox Networks (according to Wikipedia), will either have to give up on it and let it die or take many years’ worth of work and convert it to something like HTML5 and WebGL.

So while it lasts, speedrun/costume create/multiverse/island complete/explore your heart out, because by 2020, Poptropica may be gone.


This has been Alexa, signing off. Keep poppin’ it!