Speeding Poptropica: Update Post #1

Hey, hello, Hattomi here. (Like the new intro?)

So the past few weeks since I posted the Speedrunning Poptropica post, my stepdad, whose room I use to shelter myself in until he’s ready to go home, banned me from using the computers after school, so I haven’t had a chance to get on a computer and speedrun. But I decided I’d make an update post to show how much progress I’ve gotten through.

First things first, creating the routes. My usual way to create routes WOULD BE to use the Poptropica Help Blog’s Guides page; but sadly, my school has blocked it since it switched to the new poptropi.ca URL (checked again, the ContentKeeper Content Filtering software the school uses labels the category of filtering as “non-managed”.)

Instead, I go through the island casually, noting down a simple route on a Google Doc. Then, in case there’s anything that happens with the game that helps me out (or hurts me), I put it into a Glitch Explanation Google Doc. I then go through it again, using Google’s built in stopwatch (just type in stopwatch in search) to time the whole thing.

Break from explaining how I do it to speedrunning terms. In speedrunning, you usually go through the whole game under the Any% category, which means just completing the game fast, or the 100% category, where you go through the game as fast as you can while collecting every single collectable. However, the way I’m running Pop is called IL running, which stands for Individual Level. Basically instead of going through the game island after island after island, I’m doing one island at a time off and on.

Now to start the run explanation segment.

I started planning the route normally, but as soon as I restarted the island, I encountered a glitch that let me keep the Jetpack during the new playthrough, which altered my route heavily. Instead of platforming, I just jetpacked my way to the items.

And now to interrupt the video Pannenkoek Style. I’m explaining the room map so there’s no confusion. Starting off, like every island, the place your blimp lands at is Main Street. To the left is Rooftops, and below that is the maze, which I simply labelled Maze. Below Main Street is the sewers, which I called Sewers. To the right is Village, below is Well. Above them is Clouds. The entrance where the Giant’s at is labelled Clouds 1, the room next to that is Clouds 2, and the room next to THAT is Clouds 3.

Now the actual route. I started by getting the Glowstick at Well, then heading to the Pig at Sewers. Afterwards, I headed to the Maze, where I used a combination I put together to get to the egg and get out. I then jetpacked my way up to Clouds 1, grabbed the Bucket from Clouds 2, and went down to grab the Flag from Main Street. I finished by giving all the items and grabbing my Medallion with a time of 4 minutes, 42 seconds, 91 milliseconds.

That’ll be it for my post today. I’ll update more when I run more. Keep poppin’ it!

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