Speedrunning Poptropica


Alexa: What, what is it?

Vampi: It’s… AGDQ… There’s a run of… Pokémon Black 2…

Alexa and Tech: Wait, WHAT?!? Let me see. *they look at the Games Done Quick schedule* Wow, you weren’t kidding…

Vampi: I know, right?

*Alexa jumps in surprise*

Alexa: Guys… I have an idea.

Tech: Oh, no…

Alexa: What if I did a speed run of Poptropica Original?

Vampi: Huh. A not-bad idea, finally.

Alexa: I mean, there was a video on the Poptropica YouTube channel about beating 48 Carrot (editor’s note: 24 Carrot on Worlds) fast. Why not do that to the whole game to begin with? Go by release date, exclude those that got removed, and bada bing bada boom.

Vampi: Go ahead. Why don’t you even make a spreadsheet for it that other people can look at?

Alexa: Good idea.

(Vampi’s Note: So, yeah, Trusty’s gonna be getting exhausted from all this speedrunning. In the spreadsheet, I’ll note down the strats I use in them using comments. I’m leaving comments open to everyone so they can say their thoughts on my times. And as we always say, keep poppin’ it!)


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