Ask the Group #12: Friends

Vampi the Editor: Song is Friends by Hyper Potions, made for the opening animation of Sonic Mania.


Alexa: I swear, I have a curse put upon me.

Nephri: What is it, nya~?

Alexa: Whenever my favorite songs come up on Pandora, I always have to leave!

Nephri: Well, you’ve always got me, Alexa!

Alexa: Yeah, yeah. Back to Pandora, anyway… *a few clicks are heard, and Beep Beep I’m a Sheep starts playing, and he starts dancing along to it, Nephri jumping in a bit after*

Taniza: ALEXA! *she bursts open the door*

Alexa: *as she pauses the music, sighing* Beep, beep, RIP the sheep… What is it, Taniza?

Taniza: We’ve got a load of Qs.

Vampi the Editor: and an iOS update to go thru

Alexa: Alright, get everyone in here. Let’s see…


LW to Blackie: Why did you do that! I was asking a mostly honest Q!

Black Widow: Itch. Do it agai-

Alexa: *phone dings* Hold up. Vampi texted me. “sry on my part, 4got u didn’t like b-ing calld black e”

Itch: Aw, and I had another fridge at the ready.

Black Widow: Ah, whatever. Bet you’re tired of holding the fridge up.

Itch: Nah.


LW to Alexa: Sorry. Once you initiate a Q&A, there’s never a down moment. I should probably warn people about it.

Alexa: Oh, no worries, Lucky! I always have down moments, hehe.

Itch: I find that hard to believe.

Alexa: Because you’re always away during my down moments…

Itch: Exactly.


LW to Itch: Why bro? Why?

Itch: It was needed.

Mizana: What’d you do, drop a fridge on her?

Itch: Yes.

Alexa and Mizana: Wait, you actually dropped a fridge on her?

Itch: Yes. Don’t question it.


LW to everyone: Who can drive, legally or no?

Alexa: I can drive on Mario Kart. Does that count?

Nephri: Does to me, nya~!

Mizana: I don’t think so. I don’t really need to drive, my blue eyes let me go fast.

Vampi the Editor: if you can note the reference in that, 10 points to you lel

Villains: Nope.


LW to the Villains: Love your work, BTW.

Black Widow: Thanks. That’s at least one compliment other than the ones Alexa gave me when we were dating.

Alexa: Hey!

Dr. Hare: I do as well think my BunnyBot plan was going terrific until you sabotaged it, Alexa.

Director D: Same with my hair removal ray!

Captain Crawfish: And the search fer me pirate booty! And, er, not the one attached te me.

Alexa: Hey, be glad I’m at least giving you all a place to stay.

Villains: *various mumbles of approval and understanding*


LW to Director D: Do you ever change up your hair?

Director D: No, my toupee is fine. I’ve gotten… used to it.

Isaac and Taniza: Wait, you wear a toupee?

Alexa: You never noticed his hair shifting back and forth when he nods?

Isaac: Point proven.


LW to Dr. Hare: You don’t have superpowers? Wow. My life just got a whole lot more depressing.

Vampi the Editor: quick deviation but I’m editing this in class and my history teacher just dabbed. the whole class started talking about it, then I stood up in my chair and said “you think that’s good?” and did the hardest dab in my life. memes for the win amirite

Alexa: Why is that sad? Batman doesn’t have super powers and he’s still a super hero. The same thing could happen with Dr. Hare!

Dr. Hare: Yeah! Wait, what are we talking about again?

Alexa: Oi…


LW to everyone again: Got any fashion tips? (Because I have the sense of style of a brick.)

Alexa: Organize clothes from left to right light to dark.

Mizana: Never wear glasses on your head on a hot day.

Nephri: If you’ve got claws like mine, try not to destroy your clothes with them.

Taniza: When it comes to laundry, it’s good to know the hotter the water, the cleaner the clothes.

Alexa: You can- actually, now that I think about it, none of us have good tips for fashion. We really just choose our own clothes and go with it. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s their opinion, and we can respect it.


Fierce Flyer to Everyone: What’s your favorite school subject?

Alexa: It’s a tie between Animation and Computer Science.

Mizana and Taniza: Remnant History.

Isaac and Nephri: Grimm Studies.

Itch: Anything where I can spend a bunch of free time.

TAS: *plays “When mom’s not home” to signify band*

Black Widow: Art, of course.

Dr. Hare and Director D: Engineering and Robotics.

Alexa: Ya see? We’re all diverse.


Fierce Flyer to Black Widow: Why pick the name Black Widow?

Black Widow: Honestly? I have no idea. I guess sneaking in down a rope like a black widow spider would do with its web.

Alexa: Neato. I still hate spiders though…


Fierce Flyer to Director D: If you were a villain on any other island, what would it be?

Director D: Well, technically, I’m already a villain on Reality TV, so I guess that.

Alexa: You were on Reality TV? I never saw you on there.

Director D: It was an earlier season.


Fierce Flyer to Alexa: What do you think about the upcoming Sonic Forces.

Alexa: I’m glad we practiced this. Mizana, Itch, Nephri, you know what to do. Cue the music, TAS!

TAS: *quickly searches up the Sonic forces theme and presses play*

Alexa, Mizana, Itch, and Nephri: Together, we can show the world what we can do! *Alexa and Nephri lean against each other, Mizana and Itch doing the same* You are next to me and I’m next to you! *Nephri clones herself twice, and the three Nephris playfully push the other three* Push us on through until the battle’s won! *Nephri’s clones disappear, and the four get in line once again* No one’s gonna give nothing to us! *they link arms* Into each other we put our trust! Standing united, after the fight!

Alexa: *singing solo* All along, we will never be… The two of us are holding the key… We see today a world we couldn’t see… Before I say goodbye to you…

Alexa, Mizana, Isaac, and Nephri: One more last fist buuuuuuuuuuump! *the 4 fist bump each other*

Everyone -Alexa, Mizana, Isaac, and Nephri: *applauding*


Nephri: Since Alexa can’t stop doing the impromptu drums to the song, you know what to do. Ask Alexa, Itch, TAS, Vampi, Mizana, Isaac, me, Taniza, and the Villains whatever! And keep poppin’ it!

Vampi the editor: I’ll get to work on the next post when my stepdad and I get home with my stepsis because she’ll be with us for the weekend. heck, maybe, I’ll let her answer some everyone Qs beside me lol

5 thoughts on “Ask the Group #12: Friends

  1. Geez, does everyone want to kill me?

    To Nephri: Nya?
    To Dr Hare: So… Now you’re Batman. Bat-hare?
    To Alexa: You hate spiders? Are you arachnophobic?
    To all of everyone: Favorite books anyone?
    Black Widow: Can we just call truce? I didn’t call you… That name and I don’t wanna die.
    To Itch: What do you use to travel dimensions?

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