Ask the Group #10: Still Alive

Vampi the Editor: ye at this point I’m just gonna like make the chapter names songs from video games sooooo here’s this. have fun reading the Qs


Alexa: *closes the door to his bedroom and lays on his bed face-down into the pillow*

Itch: Alexa, for the first time I’m worried. What’s gotten into you?

Alexa: Don’t ask.

Itch: Alexa.

Alexa: What?

Itch: Just tell me.

Alexa: Here’s you a question. Which is lower, my grades or my self-esteem?

Itch: Youch, your grades are that bad?

Alexa: Yup. And I only have 2 days to take care of 3 classes. 4 assignments in one, two in another, and one in the last one. And my parents called me and started yelling at me, which means my self-esteem wins.

Itch: Well, if it makes you feel any better, someone other than Lucky asked a Q.

Alexa: Not any better. I’m just gonna go listen to some chillstep, hopefully that brightens my mood. *puts on his headphones, turning up the volume loud*

Nephri: *walking in* Any progress?

Itch: Nope… Any ideas?

Nephri: Nope.

Mizana: I bet if his mom called and DIDN’T yell at him, that’d make him feel better.

Alexa: You guys do realize my hearing is elevated, so I can hear what you’re saying.

Itch: Just get up and do the Qs with us.

Alexa: *sigh* Alright, fine.

Vampi the Editor: let’s just say that skit defines alexa’s thoughts irl


LW to Black Widow: Harsh. Does that mean Alexa can’t call you Blackie anymore?

Black Widow: Itch… what ways of knocking people into oblivion do you have right now?

Taniza: That didn’t directly count as calling you Blackie, Black Widow.

Black Widow: Nagdabbit. Well, to answer your question, he still can, but I just don’t advise it anymore. You still can’t though.


LW to everyone: Alright, little more on the relationships advice. (Vampi the editor’s note: well, here goes.) Any of you got anything on how to ask a guy out? Uh, for a friend!

Itch: First of all, (Vampi: im not a rapper) I call feces on the whole “for a friend” thing. Second, just stay calm, be yourself, that’s really all you need to know.

Mizana: Try not to be obsessive. Trust me, I know why I say that. *ahem*Nephri*ahem*

Taniza: If at all possible, just start off as friends, then when you’re both physically and mentally ready, tell him how you feel.

Nephri: *in Alexa’s ear* How much you wanna bet that’s the way Taniza and Isaac will happen?

Alexa: *to Nephri* Not enough to talk…

Isaac: Now, if at all you’re on the receiving side, that’s a different story.

Itch: Hold up. How do you have all this love advice?

Isaac: I’m a ninja. I pay attention to my surroundings.

Alexa, Black Widow, Nephri, and Mizana: *various murmurs of understanding*

Vampi the Editor: don’t fall in love with a guy, fall in love with the internet. problem solved :^ (<– failed one-line ascii text thumbs up)


LW to Itch: Bruh. How bored must you be to watch a sick teenage fangirl play PvZ Heroes for 5 days straight?

Itch: Very. Very. Very. Bored.

Alexa: You’re not bored when you decide to do that, though, right?

Itch: Of course not.


Red Rider to everyone: Are you guys getting sick of E and her Qs?

Vampi the Editor: YES

Villains: YES.

Alexa, Itch, TAS, Team MINT: NO.

Alexa: Lucky’s Qs are what keeps this running.

Villains: *various murmurs of agreement and understanding*


Alexa: Well, I’m going back to lay in low self-esteem and self-pity.

Mizana: Guess I’ll take it. As always, ask Alexa, Itch, TAS, Black Widow, Director D, Binary Bard, Dr. Hare, Captain crawfish, me, Isaac, Nephri, and Taniza questions, and we’ll answer them.

Vampi the Editor: fun fact, they always forget to add me into that mix. also I just realized TAS is the one making memes, so this is probably the last you’ll see of me unless you ask me Qs. so ttyl ig

Nephri: In the meantime, I’m gonna see if I can get Alexa to realize her potential. *in a whisper* Both with herself and with me.

Alexa: Remember? Superior hearing.

Nephri: Dabbit.

3 thoughts on “Ask the Group #10: Still Alive

  1. To Alexa: Aww, I’m sorry! Rejection sucks, hang in there!
    To anyone who asks if I’ve felt rejection: Yes, shut up.
    To Black Widow: Holy fridge! *Ducks* I just wanted to know!
    To Vampi: Cause I feel bad, what’s your deepest darkest secret?
    To Alexa again: Why is your hearing upped?
    To everyone: Ok, who had super powers?!


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