Ask The Group #8: Are You Asking For A Challenge?!?

Mizana: So, last I remember, you were working on new trademark quotes.

Nephri: Yeah, I remember Mizana saying something about that. Any progress?

Alexa: Well, I’m always getting yelled at by my mom when I’m not hanging with you guys, working on tech, or working on Qs, so I do have one quote that I’ve extended on.

Taniza: Let’s hear it, A.

Alexa: “Actions speak louder than words, but when combined you can hear chaos.”

Isaac: Woah. That’s some serious 哲学 right there.

Alexa: Serious what?

Mizana: Doesn’t TAS have a translator?

Alexa: Right, forgot about that. Yo, TAS, get in here real quick.


Alexa: Translator, Detect Language to English.

TAS: *configures his arm-tech, then nods to go ahead*

Isaac: 哲学

TAS: *arm tech beeps, then he shows Alexa the result*

Alexa: Good philosophy? Dang. And I thought I was just a normal game commentator.

TAS: *plays a laughter sound reel*

Alexa: Anyway, have the Qs arrived yet?

Black Widow: Got em right here, babe.

Alexa: Ah, thanks. Get the villains in here, would you, please, TAS?

TAS: *nods, bolts off, and comes back 5 minutes later with the villains*

Alexa: Alright, Q time. Only 3, it’s you-know-who back again.

Pop Villains and Itch: *groaning*

Alexa: Hey. Shut it. Let’s see what they are.


LW to everyone: So how’d you all meet up?

Blackie: Me and the other villains met up at Erewhon, but we followed Alexa home when Dr. Jupiter, or should I say Zeus, was defeated by him.

Alexa: Well, except for Director D. He got tired of prison, broke out, saw them following me, and followed me as well. As for me, Itch, and TAS, well, we’re brothers. We had a big family meetup and that’s where I saw Mizana.

Mizana: We exchanged numbers and I got on to talk with him a bunch before going to Beacon. Heck, if we weren’t related, I’d probably steal him from you, Black Widow.

Black Widow: -_-

Mizana: Anyway, on the jet to Beacon, I met Nephri, and we hung out in the common room for the first-night sleepover before Headmaster Ozpin did orientation, and formed me, Nephri, Isaac, and Taniza into a team. As with the rest of the teams at Beacon, our team name was a color. Since order of members was me, Isaac, Nephri, Taniza, the first letters of our names spelled out MINT. Therefore, Team MINT was born. But after a bunch of havoc, what with the death of Ozpin, Pyrrha, and Penny, we decided that Beacon wasn’t safe and moved here.

Isaac: I actually met Taniza on the jet to Beacon as well. We’re still trying to figure out what relationships are going to happen within Beacon.

Alexa: They’re called ships!

Isaac: Do they float in water?

Alexa: No, they’re not physical.

Isaac: Then they’re relationships.

Alexa: Ugh, oy vey or whatever.


LW to Director D: So what IS your favorite Pokémon?

Director D: Well, I would say I’ve never played Pokémon, but Alexa forced me to try out Pokken Tournament while he was at some kinda festival thing and there was a game truck. Let’s just say Lucario looks pretty cool.

Alexa: Lucario? The whole time we played you chose Pika Libre. Pika Libre in Pokken Tournament is like Pichu in Smash Melee! It sucks!

Director D: How would I have known?

Alexa: Look it up!


LW to everyone again: Favorite ships?

Itch: Alexa x Black Widow. I’m calling that ship Spider Dance.

Nephri: I dunno. Itch x Taniza seems likely. At some moments, Taniza can be as rude as Itch. Call it Rude Dogs.

Mizana: Isaac x Ren, maybe? I mean, they’re both guys, but they’re both good ninjas. Blake would call it Ninjas of Love.

Binary Bard: Calculating probability of ships. Spider Dance at 100%. Rude Dogs at 83%. Ninjas of Love at 32%.

Dr. Hare: Whoever it is Itch says I’m in a relationship is in the parallel world he visits or whatever x me. Call it IDEK.

Binary Bard: IDEK at random%.

Nephri: Hmmm… I mean, me x Alexa seems cool. Name? Man’s Best Friend.

Binary Bard: Man’s Best Friend at 98%.

Alexa & Blackie: WHAT?

TAS: *text to speech* elite game show simulator. 1-1=35.

Alexa: TAS, what does that even mean in this situation?

TAS: *shrugs*

Isaac: Looks to me like you’ve got competition, Black Widow.

Black Widow: *growls at Nephri*

Nephri: *purrs angrily at Black Widow*


Alexa: While I find a way to see who’s more compatible *ahem*someoneaskaqaboutthat*achoo* I should probs do the outro. As always, you can ask me, Itch, TAS, Mizana, Isaac, Nephri, Taniza, Blackie, D, Hare, Crawfish, and Bard whatever questions your heart oh so desires. Except for anything rated R. Then you get shamed by TAS. And TAS’s shame is a bad thing. And as always, keep popping it!

Blackie: I’ve been with him longer. You haven’t even been with him at all.

Nephri: Well, I heard from Mizana that he hates spiders.

Alexa: Dang, you guys both make compelling arguments.

13 thoughts on “Ask The Group #8: Are You Asking For A Challenge?!?

  1. Alexa: Just an FYI, what I meant by “someoneaskaqaboutthat”, ask questions that have to do with the things they like or see how well they know me. Lucky, this means bring out every single question you have.
    Itch: I’m going to regret this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexa: I should also add if you want to do a Q&A without the Pop Villains, I’m starting a new blog just for us at! Check it out!
    Itch: This is a new blog for Lucky to follow, isn’t it?
    Alexa: Touché. Still keeping it up, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *rubs hands together* Hoo boy, here we go…

    Itch: Wait, have you been to my dimension? Wait a tic, have you been watching me?!
    Also to Itch: Harvey’s in a relationship? When did that happen?
    To the Villains: Do you guys have jobs?
    To Director D: Lucario is boss! It’s one of my favs too!
    To Alexa and everyone to, now that I think about it: So I’m you-know-who? I mean, sometimes at school I go by Lady Voldemort, but how did you know about that?
    To Dr Hare: Are your ears real too?
    To Black Widow: Can you draw anime style?!
    To everyone: Also, hi.
    Again to everyone: Is anyone pumped about the Ninjago Movie or is that literally just me?

    That’s it for now, cause I gotta go do stuff. Good luck!


  4. And so begins the struggle between Nephri and Wid for your affection. (Shame I was spoiled how THAT would end after reading your post about the relocation. Ah well, stuff like this happens.)


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