Ask the Group, Episode 7: Introducing, Team MINT!

Alexa: Alright, anytime now…

Itch: Who are you waiting for, Alexa?

Alexa: Remember last week with the Qs, I said my cousin Mizana and her friends were moving in? They’re coming today.

Itch: Wait, really?

Alexa: Yes sirree, they’re coming to-NAGDABBIT! Villains, assemble!

Black Widow: What? What is it?

Alexa: Mizana and her friends are coming to town and we haven’t bothered to clean the house! Bard, TAS, bedrooms. Crawfish, Director D, bathrooms. Hare, Itch, kitchen. Blackie and I will take the rest of the rooms. Go, go, go!

Itch: TAS, montage music!

TAS: *does a ding with his soundboard, and plays Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce*

*everyone starts working*

*2 hours, 18 minutes, 27 seconds later*

Alexa: Alright, good work, everyone. Now they should be here any se-

*a knock is heard on the door*

Alexa: Ooh, here they are! Everyone except Itch, hide!

Binary Bard: The Villain’s room should do!

*everyone but Alexa and Itch run into the Villain’s bedroom, and Alexa opens the door*

Alexa: Miza-! Oh, sorry, mailman. The Qs are here? Ok, thanks. *she tosses the Qs on the table, and the mailman also drops a shaking box* Oh, what’s in that? From Vale City, you said? Ooh, must be urgent. Thank you! *she pushes the box into the living room, and grabs her knife, cutting open the box, and four people shoot out face-first into the couch*

??? #1: Ugh, whose idea was it to mail us to Mizana’s cousin’s house?

??? #2: I blame Nephri. She’s the crazy one.

??? #1: I don’t blame her, she is a Faunus cat, after all.

??? #3: Wait, are we here?

??? #4: *gasps* Alexa!

Alexa: Mizana!

*Mizana and Alexa hug each other*

Mizana: Oh my Isanami, I haven’t seen you in ages!

Alexa: Introduce me to your friends and I’ll introduce you to mine.

Mizana: The tall guy, Isaac. Contrary to what he looks like, he’s a great cook and a great freerunner.

Isaac: Present and accounted for.

Mizana: Nephri Teana, always lands on her feet, always QUICK on her feet, and can make many copies of herself.

Nephri: *makes a clone and has it shakes hands with itself*

Mizana: And finally, Taniza Itena. Not really too skilled in anything specific, but she can make electricity out of nowhere.

Taniza: Shocking, ain’t it? *she high-fives Mizana*

Mizana: So, who are your friends?

Alexa: Well, you already met Itch, but I actually have 6 more people hiding in my room. Thankfully, they could hear your introductions because me and one of them have communicators, but let me call them out. *she presses a button on her watch* Come on out, guys!

TAS: *presses button* It’s time to d-d-d-d-dddddd-

Alexa: *presses the mute button* Don’t. Anyway, this is the brother that was never there when you were, TAS. Next, my girlfriend Black Widow. Just as an FYI, only I’m allowed to call her Blackie.

Black Widow: *coming downstairs* And if you do, Itch has my permission to 4th wall you into oblivion.

Itch: Oh, and I’ll do it, too.

Alexa: Director D, last name unknown, first name probably known, favorite Pokémon Unown, and entity known.

Director D: And try not to judge me. And that’s not my favorite Pokémon.

Alexa: I know, just trying to make your intro rhyme. Anyway, next is Captain Crawfish, the greatest pirate to sail the seven seas in modern times.

Crawfish: Aye, matey.

Alexa: Binary Bard, robot. Known possibilities of saying things are probably 11001101.

Binary Bard: Actually, it’s many more. But my hardware’s durable, so I work better.

Alexa: And finally, Dr. Hare. And no, Nephri, he’s not a Faunus bunny.

Dr. Hare: Don’t question it. Too much of a story.

Nephri: Oh, come on. Nobody but Blake back at Beacon is a Faunus that I know of. Well, except for me, Velvet, and Neon.

Alexa:  Anyway, we do a Q&A thing every so often. So expect me to interrupt you so you can answer some Qs. Speaking of which, let’s get it started.

LW to TAS: So can you talk?

TAS: *nods yes*

Mizana: Do you ever?

TAS: *shakes head no*

Taniza: Why not?

TAS: *shrugs*

Alexa: One mysterious person under that meme-loving shell.


LW to everyone: Do you have any relationship advice?

Binary Bard: Searching database. None found.

Alexa: Well, add some more. Trial and error’s not the right way to go.

Nephri: Don’t try and force them to love you.

Isaac: Just find the right one and you’ll survive.

Black Widow: You don’t HAVE to be in a relationship.

Itch: On second thought, all of us give somewhat bad relationship advice.

Taniza: I can vouch for that. The main thing to me is be yourself.

TAS: *nods*


LW to Itch: Just curious, but what’s the best prank you’ve ever played?

Itch: Long story short, a TV show concept made real.

Alexa: He made a 7 mile spanking machine, built in pedometer to make sure.

Itch: Did it on Alexa’s buddy Sakura. Man, was she mad.


LW to Alexa: Do you have a Wattpad? I think you do, but IDK.

Alexa: Yep. Sakura changed the username on it to DJSakuraStep, and I haven’t bothered to change it back. I’m not making stories on it anymore, I use FFN instead. DJVampiStep on there.

Taniza: Fanfictions, huh?

Alexa: Let’s just say I had a vivid mind.


LW to everyone again: So I’ve been sick… For 5 days… Any tips for keeping MY sanity?

Isaac: First of all, constantly check up on yourself with family.

Alexa: Hope your parents aren’t as strict as mine. They had me go to school even if I was sick.

Taniza: If you’re staying home, do what you love to do sitting still. Of course, Team MINT would face off against Yang on her fighting game. Ruby’s good at it too.

Alexa: Fighting game?

Nephri: Yep. Ninja Fighters III!

Isaac: And they think it’s an accurate representation of ninjas fighting. Try going to the ninja training school I went to in Kyoto. That’s a real ninja fight.

Alexa: Oooo, you’ll have to tell me about it.

Itch: After the Q’s finished. We need more tips for Lucky.

TAS: *using TTS* Rapid fire!

Alexa: Chicken noodle soup always works!

Itch: Carrots aren’t good for your eyesight, but they can help with night vision.

Blackie: Survive in loud crowds by eating more magnesium.

Mizana: Yeah, I think that’s enough.


Alexa: You should know by now what I’m going to say. Any Q’s you wanna ask, can be addressed to a combination of either me, Itch, TAS, Blackie, Bard, Crawfish, D, Hare, Mizana, Isaac, Nephri, or Taniza. And as always, keep poppin’ it?

Mizana: Keep poppin’ it? Why that?

Alexa: It’s a long story. Don’t ask.

Nephri: Can-

Alexa: No.

Taniza: Are you-

Alexa: Yes.

7 thoughts on “Ask the Group, Episode 7: Introducing, Team MINT!

  1. That is probably some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten.
    Expect the soup. I don’t like soup.

    To all: So how’d you all meet up?
    To Director D: Then what is your favorite Pokemon?
    Again to all: And favorite ships?


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