Ask the Group, Episode 6: Nocturnal Tofu Delivery

Sorry this is out late! Got grounded for not getting grades tended to, but since I finished a thing for my World History class, I’ve a bunch of time on my iPad, so I’m taking all I can. Again, sorry!

Alexa: TAS, ready?

TAS: *thumbs up*

Alexa: Press it.

TAS: *presses a button on his soundboard and grabs out some trading cards*

Alexa: *grabs out trading cards*

Alexa and TAS’s soundboard: IT’S TIME TO D-D-D-D-DDDDDD-DUEL!

Alexa: Crimson Nova!

TAS: *another button* “Blue Eyes, White Lightning!”

Alexa: Nope! Mine has higher attack!

TAS: *slams his fist on the deck, putting his hands up, and moving the cards back into a full deck*

Alexa: That’s always fun, right, TAS?

TAS: *high-fives Alexa*

Itch: Guys! New Qs!

Black Widow: Great. I was getting tired of hearing a bunch of names of cards.

Alexa: Alright, let’s see…


LW to all: Happy 10th everyone!

Black Widow: Thanks, Lucky!

Dr. Hare and Director D: Yes, thanks!

Crawfish: Aye, thanks for ye well-wishes!

Binary: Congratulating processes online.


LW to all again: How old are y’all?

Alexa: Blackie’s 20. Crawfish, who knows how long. Dr. Hare, maybe 29. Binary Bard, technically immortal, Director D, around 36.

Black Widow: How do you know how old I am?

Alexa: It slipped out when you were talking and I managed to note it down.

Director D: What about the rest of us?

Alexa: Director D, based on looks, Captain Crawfish, his beard confuses me. Dr. Hare, lucky guess, and Binary Bard’s is obvious.

Itch: *clapping* Wow. Your brain’s bigger than I thought.


LW to Captain Crawfish: Can you do a Western accent?

Crawfish: Hrm… Let’s see. *in a really bad western accent* I got a bullet here with yer name on it.

TAS: *pulls a red sharpie out, writes something on a whiteboard, and flips it over, showing he wrote 7.5*


LW to Dr. Hare: Are you a cute smol bunny?

Dr. Hare: HA! Only when Alexa’s stepsister is around.

Alexa: Hey, she’s like half as old as me, she doesn’t know the difference between an animatronic bunny and a real bunny.

Dr. Hare: Otherwise, no. I am not a cute bunny. I’m an EVIL cute bunny!

Itch: *sighs*


LW to Black Widow: Congratulations, btw.

Blackie: Oh, you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, right?

Itch: Oh, she’s talking about what you think she’s talking about.

Alexa: I can back that up.


LW to Binary Bard: Do you ever get love letters? Because my friend Binary gets a lot.

Binary Bard: Love letters? No. Now anonymous love emails, yes. Seriously, who signed me up for iHarmony?

TAS: *holding back a smile*

Binary Bard: TAS…

TAS: *gains his straight face*


LW to Director D: What’s the D stand for?

Director D: Dangerous.

Alexa: Really? I thought it was Dolan. Or Donald. Speaking of Donald, I always get random calls for either a Linda or a Donald. Either that or it’s always the callbait “Hi, this is Ray, how’re you?” Makes me wanna go find the people that make those calls and punch them in the throat, in my opinion.

Black Widow: I’m the same way, actually.


LW to Itch: What are you implying?

Itch: I’m implying nothing. I’m not one to be broken.

Alexa: Yeah, I can disprove that, but that’s not a matter for the Qs.


LW to TAS: How many sounds you got?

TAS: *stops and thinks, giving a glance to Alexa as if they were asking permission*

Alexa: I’m going to regret this. Permission granted.

TAS: *jumps up and down as he turns the volume fully up on the soundboard* IT’S OVER 9000!

Alexa: God, that was loud. Back to normal volume.

TAS: *sighs, adjusting it back*


LW to Alexa: How do you keep your sanity?

Alexa: TAS, spinner. Joke way or normal way?

TAS: *pulls up a spinner on their phone, and signs a J*

Alexa: Joke way? Well, this is of course a joke, but you ask how I keep my sanity. I don’t. My sanity keeps me.

TAS: *using text to speech* Now for real.

Alexa: Really, though, just reading fanfictions and/or the Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. If you want spoilers on any specific fanfictions, and or spoilers on what I’ve read so far in Hitchhiker’s Guide, PM me on Username DJVampiStep.


Alexa: And, as per usual, that’s all the Qs we have. You want to ask any questions, ask me, Itch, TAS, Binary Bard, Blackie, Dr. Hare, Director D, or Captain Crawfish. And, as an added bonus, my cousin and her friends are coming in next week, so you can ask my cousin Mizana Kirone and her friends Isaac Kyūketsuki, Nephri Teana, and Taniza Itena questions too. She also texted me saying that Mizana, Nephri, and Taniza are probably going to be moving in, so insert more chaos! And as always… Say it with me TAS…

TAS (via TTS) and Alexa: KEEP POPPIN’ IT!

4 thoughts on “Ask the Group, Episode 6: Nocturnal Tofu Delivery

  1. Oh dude! These are great!

    (The wrath of LW Qs continue)
    TAS: So can you talk?
    Everyone: Do you guys have any relationship advice? (Because I’m lame)
    Itch: I’m just curious, but what’s the best prank you’ve ever played?
    Alexa: Do you have a Wattpad? I think you do, but IDK.
    Also to everyone: So I’ve been sick… For 5 days.. Any tips for keeping MY sanity?


  2. Great Post once again! I already know Mizana and Nephri from your crossovers with E. It’s nice to see them introduced to AtG. Tizana’s new to me though, so I look forward to seeing what they’re like. 🙂


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