10 Years and 1 Day Ago…: A Recollection of Alexa and the Community

Alexa: Hey, guys, Alexa here.

Itch: And me and TAS, because TAS just HAS to be here.

TAS: *puts his thumbs up*

Alexa: Anyway, today, I decided I should do a post on the 10th birthday of Poptropica. So what better to do then reminisce about the past? We’re starting from when I first joined the Poptropica community to now. TAS, montage music.

TAS: *pulls his phone out and start playing Friends by Hyper Potions* (NOTE: If you’ve seen the Sonic Mania opening animation, that’s the song that plays then.)

Alexa: September 2015, I had rejoined Poptropica after a long hiatus, when it popped up in my mind during a break we had in our A/V class. I even introduced my friends to the game, but I’m pretty sure they never play it anymore.

Itch: Meh, it’s not like they cared anyway.

Alexa: Whatever. It was around that time I saw all the new islands made while I was gone, and I started looking around to see if I could find a place to get some help. In comes the Poptropica Help Blog, which back at the time was Slanted Fish, Blake, Spotted Dragon, UiPE, HP, and a bunch more that I can’t remember.

Itch: We’d look it up, but Alexa posts using the school-issued iPads, and they block the site because it’s “non-managed.”

Alexa: Soon after, around February 2016, there was an announcement that the Poptropica Help Chat, which was the PHB’s chat room, was switching from Xat to Discord.

Itch: For those who don’t know, Discord is pretty much the new voice chat and chatroom hub, for those who “don’t want to hassle with Skype and are tired of paying for Teamspeak servers”, or whatever it is they say.

Alexa: So of course, I went in there, back then going under the name DJScratchStep.

Itch: That’s how I came along. I was basically an alter-ego of Scratch designed for when I wanted to get mean, but more on that in a bit. Back before joining the community, Alexa actually went by TheAthenaSpawner, or T.A.S. for short. That’s how TAS came along.

TAS: *smiling*

Alexa: Online names aside, I joined the Discord as soon as I got home, and started mingling with people. Then came along WimpyKidFan. He PM’d me saying he wanted more chat members to join his gaming clan, the Rekt Clan. And so, after uploading photos of my gaming prowess in Geometry Dash along with a couple of videos I did, one playing Minecraft with my old friend SuperBuckoLovesMinecraft and a guy that was in the same place as me when we were recording who went by Crusader, and another playing BTD Battles with my friend The Spike Factory, who I’m still friends with.

Itch: Soon enough, he joined the Rekt clan. Their newest member had arrived.

Alexa: And that it did. A few months and an MPIP later, WKF was asking for clan managers. I submitted, seeing that I had been there for a while, and he took me in. Fast forward another few months, he needed a co-leader. Boom, me.

Itch: Fun fact, he actually met his best friend Diamond Glaz3 while he was there.

Alexa: Then, things got sad, as WKF said he was leaving Discord, and he was giving me possession of the clan (which I’m renaming to the Knights of the Fire Oath soon, don’t tell anybody). We emailed after a while, then WKF said he had forgot the username of his email, and all Rekt-related things were going away.

Itch: Luckily, Alexa managed to save the clan chat, but it’s dead currently, so it was useless to get in anyway in retrospect.

Alexa: Back to the Poptropica fandom. Around mid 2016, I decided to make a Poptropica blog named the Poptropica Help Island… but after a while, I ditched that name as there wasn’t really anything related to help there, and I made this blog right afterward.

Itch: After a while he saw that Tall Cactus, former blogger, had made a blog unrelated to Poptropica, and it was doing fairly well, then he saw the fall of that and the rise of Lucky Wing’s Luckily Bizzare, and he decided to make his own non-Poptropica blog Random Vampiness, back when he was going by DJVampiGamer. And yet no matter how much you emphasize that you changed your name, you’ll still be known as Vam-

Alexa: Shut it. Anyway, after a while, I found out about the Poptropica Bloggers Network, run by Purple Claw and Hyper Gamer. At least I know for a fact the first name is right, not entirely sure about the second. Not much has happened since then, however. Mostly just me making more friends, losing more, making relationships, breaking them, and a bunch more that really doesn’t belong here.

Itch: Any shoutouts you’d like to mention?

Alexa: Let’s see. Lucky Wing, for always commenting and liking posts, whether it be on RV or the TBPH. Tall Cactus, Short Feather, and G-Hopper for being good trollers when we trolled on Roblox a couple days back. The Glaz3 clan members, being Diamond Glaz3/Caidence, Frost Glaz3/John, GoatMan, Kitty Glaz3, datweeabooninjakid, and Netflix Glaz3, for whom have helped me become happy in times of sadness. Slanted Fish, Purple Claw, Spotted Dragon, and Brave Tomato, for helping me keep up-to-date on Poptropica News. Skinny Moon for being the greatest social media head for Poptropica ever. WKF for inviting me to the Glaz3 Clan, sad you’re gone. idk and Blake for being people with outstanding memes on the PHC, and Noveen for keeping me entertained while I’m stuck in youth group at church. Awesomess, Sooth, Speed-o-rama, and the rest of the school’s Card Game Club, for being good friends. My stepsister, LizardLiz, and my stepbrother Reddurcs, for being the nerdiest family members I know apart from my dad and stepfather. My old aliases that are now cemented into both my memories and these posts, being Samconry (my Xbox gamertag), TAS (the main abbreviation for my Skype name, DJScratchStep (my old username for most stuff now), DJVampiGamer my slightly old username for most stuff), DJVampiStep (another version of DJVampiGamer), DJKyūketsuki (a temporary username until the next one), DJKeikoYokoyama (one of my usernames), CPU Vampi and CPU Keiko (my usernames for my favorite Youtuber’s Discord chat), for helping me develop the name I have today, that’ll be destined to be changed again. Vinyl Bass for introducing me to the MLP fandom, and Flare the Echidna for being one of my best IRL buds in the Sonic fandom. And finally, my mother and father, for building me into the person I will be when I graduate.

Itch: That’s a long list.

TAS: *nods in agreement*

Alexa: Hush thy judging mouth. But anyway, keep poppin’ it!

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