Ask the Group #4: *insert creative title here*

Alexa: …Screwdriver.

Black Widow: *hands him a screwdriver*

Alexa: …Solderer.

Black Widow: *hands him a solderer* Why am I standing here again, Alexa?

Alexa: Because, Blackie… *some zapping is heard* …I’m upgrading my computer’s hardware.

Black Widow: Why so?

Alexa: So my computer can wirelessly connect to my laptop and I can control the computer from the laptop. TAS is always wanting on my computer to get on game forum pages and possibly get my computer installed with viruses, and I’m controlling it with my laptop so I can keep them from doing so.

Black Widow: That makes no sense, but I’ll agree with you. TAS gets annoying, am I right?

Alexa: He wasn’t allowed anywhere else without someone to calm him. In other words, the exact reason why he’s here.

Binary Bard: *walks in* Hey, Alexa, questions are here.

Alexa: Hold on. *zapping is heard again* Aaaaand done. Laptop and computer are now connected. Anyway, toss it here, Bard.

Binary Bard: *tosses the envelope towards her*

Alexa: Everyone, get in here! Our first question…

Lucky Wing to Alexa: Congratulations on having more of a life than me! And having the guts to admit that too! Dang, I need to get my life together…

Alexa: Oh, you mean me and Blackie? Yes, thanks. Hope you and whatever parallel universe relationships you’re in go well.

Itch: I’ve already figured out who it is in here that’s possibly in a parallel universe relationship with this Lucky girl, though. Not saying who it is.

Alexa: At least whisper it to me.

Itch: Ugh, fine. *he whispers it to Alexa*

Alexa: Oh, that makes perfect sense. Alright, thanks for telling me.

LW to Itch: Is your arm itchy?


Alexa: Itch…

Itch: I mean, just because my name is Itch doesn’t mean that anything is itchy on my body!

Alexa: Itch, calm down.

Itch: Jeez, at least respect a man’s name. People will think you’re lucky if your name’s Lucky, right? Exactly. Respect.

LW to Black Widow: Can I call you Blackie or will you give me a black eye? *dabs at lame pun*

Black Widow: Only Alexa can call me Blackie. Otherwise…

Alexa: We agreed that if you do, we’re sending Itch after you.

Itch: Note to you: Never combine me, a white vintage-looking car, and Euronext music. All that equals drifting you into oblivion.

Red Rider to everyone: *gives everyone hugs*

Alexa: Erm… thanks…?

Black Widow: Hey, only Alexa’s parents and myself can hug him!

Itch: No. No hugs.

TAS: *dodges any attempt at hugging*

Binary Bard: I need help.

Captain Crawfish: So do I, matey.

Dr. Hare and Director D: You’re not alone.


Alexa: And that’s all for this round. Remember, ask me, Itch, TAS, Blackie, Director D, Cap’n Crawfish, Dr. Hare, and Binary Bard whatever. Dares are also appreciated too. And with that, I bid everyone a see you later. Keep poppin’ it!

4 thoughts on “Ask the Group #4: *insert creative title here*

  1. XD These are great!

    Itch: Sorry, I get the same thing a lot, so….
    Also Itch: What? WHO IS IT?!
    Black Widow: Pls don’t kill me. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
    To everyone: Can I have a hug? I could use it.
    Also to everyone: Who plays Minecraft?


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