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Ask the Group #12: Friends

Vampi the Editor: Song is Friends by Hyper Potions, made for the opening animation of Sonic Mania.


Alexa: I swear, I have a curse put upon me.

Nephri: What is it, nya~?

Alexa: Whenever my favorite songs come up on Pandora, I always have to leave!

Nephri: Well, you’ve always got me, Alexa!

Alexa: Yeah, yeah. Back to Pandora, anyway… *a few clicks are heard, and Beep Beep I’m a Sheep starts playing, and he starts dancing along to it, Nephri jumping in a bit after*

Taniza: ALEXA! *she bursts open the door*

Alexa: *as she pauses the music, sighing* Beep, beep, RIP the sheep… What is it, Taniza?

Taniza: We’ve got a load of Qs.

Vampi the Editor: and an iOS update to go thru

Alexa: Alright, get everyone in here. Let’s see…


LW to Blackie: Why did you do that! I was asking a mostly honest Q!

Black Widow: Itch. Do it agai-

Alexa: *phone dings* Hold up. Vampi texted me. “sry on my part, 4got u didn’t like b-ing calld black e”

Itch: Aw, and I had another fridge at the ready.

Black Widow: Ah, whatever. Bet you’re tired of holding the fridge up.

Itch: Nah.


LW to Alexa: Sorry. Once you initiate a Q&A, there’s never a down moment. I should probably warn people about it.

Alexa: Oh, no worries, Lucky! I always have down moments, hehe.

Itch: I find that hard to believe.

Alexa: Because you’re always away during my down moments…

Itch: Exactly.


LW to Itch: Why bro? Why?

Itch: It was needed.

Mizana: What’d you do, drop a fridge on her?

Itch: Yes.

Alexa and Mizana: Wait, you actually dropped a fridge on her?

Itch: Yes. Don’t question it.


LW to everyone: Who can drive, legally or no?

Alexa: I can drive on Mario Kart. Does that count?

Nephri: Does to me, nya~!

Mizana: I don’t think so. I don’t really need to drive, my blue eyes let me go fast.

Vampi the Editor: if you can note the reference in that, 10 points to you lel

Villains: Nope.


LW to the Villains: Love your work, BTW.

Black Widow: Thanks. That’s at least one compliment other than the ones Alexa gave me when we were dating.

Alexa: Hey!

Dr. Hare: I do as well think my BunnyBot plan was going terrific until you sabotaged it, Alexa.

Director D: Same with my hair removal ray!

Captain Crawfish: And the search fer me pirate booty! And, er, not the one attached te me.

Alexa: Hey, be glad I’m at least giving you all a place to stay.

Villains: *various mumbles of approval and understanding*


LW to Director D: Do you ever change up your hair?

Director D: No, my toupee is fine. I’ve gotten… used to it.

Isaac and Taniza: Wait, you wear a toupee?

Alexa: You never noticed his hair shifting back and forth when he nods?

Isaac: Point proven.


LW to Dr. Hare: You don’t have superpowers? Wow. My life just got a whole lot more depressing.

Vampi the Editor: quick deviation but I’m editing this in class and my history teacher just dabbed. the whole class started talking about it, then I stood up in my chair and said “you think that’s good?” and did the hardest dab in my life. memes for the win amirite

Alexa: Why is that sad? Batman doesn’t have super powers and he’s still a super hero. The same thing could happen with Dr. Hare!

Dr. Hare: Yeah! Wait, what are we talking about again?

Alexa: Oi…


LW to everyone again: Got any fashion tips? (Because I have the sense of style of a brick.)

Alexa: Organize clothes from left to right light to dark.

Mizana: Never wear glasses on your head on a hot day.

Nephri: If you’ve got claws like mine, try not to destroy your clothes with them.

Taniza: When it comes to laundry, it’s good to know the hotter the water, the cleaner the clothes.

Alexa: You can- actually, now that I think about it, none of us have good tips for fashion. We really just choose our own clothes and go with it. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s their opinion, and we can respect it.


Fierce Flyer to Everyone: What’s your favorite school subject?

Alexa: It’s a tie between Animation and Computer Science.

Mizana and Taniza: Remnant History.

Isaac and Nephri: Grimm Studies.

Itch: Anything where I can spend a bunch of free time.

TAS: *plays “When mom’s not home” to signify band*

Black Widow: Art, of course.

Dr. Hare and Director D: Engineering and Robotics.

Alexa: Ya see? We’re all diverse.


Fierce Flyer to Black Widow: Why pick the name Black Widow?

Black Widow: Honestly? I have no idea. I guess sneaking in down a rope like a black widow spider would do with its web.

Alexa: Neato. I still hate spiders though…


Fierce Flyer to Director D: If you were a villain on any other island, what would it be?

Director D: Well, technically, I’m already a villain on Reality TV, so I guess that.

Alexa: You were on Reality TV? I never saw you on there.

Director D: It was an earlier season.


Fierce Flyer to Alexa: What do you think about the upcoming Sonic Forces.

Alexa: I’m glad we practiced this. Mizana, Itch, Nephri, you know what to do. Cue the music, TAS!

TAS: *quickly searches up the Sonic forces theme and presses play*

Alexa, Mizana, Itch, and Nephri: Together, we can show the world what we can do! *Alexa and Nephri lean against each other, Mizana and Itch doing the same* You are next to me and I’m next to you! *Nephri clones herself twice, and the three Nephris playfully push the other three* Push us on through until the battle’s won! *Nephri’s clones disappear, and the four get in line once again* No one’s gonna give nothing to us! *they link arms* Into each other we put our trust! Standing united, after the fight!

Alexa: *singing solo* All along, we will never be… The two of us are holding the key… We see today a world we couldn’t see… Before I say goodbye to you…

Alexa, Mizana, Isaac, and Nephri: One more last fist buuuuuuuuuuump! *the 4 fist bump each other*

Everyone -Alexa, Mizana, Isaac, and Nephri: *applauding*


Nephri: Since Alexa can’t stop doing the impromptu drums to the song, you know what to do. Ask Alexa, Itch, TAS, Vampi, Mizana, Isaac, me, Taniza, and the Villains whatever! And keep poppin’ it!

Vampi the editor: I’ll get to work on the next post when my stepdad and I get home with my stepsis because she’ll be with us for the weekend. heck, maybe, I’ll let her answer some everyone Qs beside me lol

Ask the Group #11: Infinite Power

Vampi the Editor: I was wrong, you will see me sometimes. using this to say what game the song’s from. Infinite Power, by TheFatRat, is a song in the loading menu playlist on Rocket League. Now, onto the Qs lel

Alexa: Alright, what’s new on the *clicking’s heard* Ooh, Ignis Regem update… Allegiance of Steel update… Nothing else. Guess I’ll start reading Ignis Rege-

Nephri: ITCH!!!!!!!!!!

Alexa: -m… Guess I should go take care of that. *rushes to Nephri* What’s wrong, Neph?

Nephri: Itch stole the bells I had to play with!

Itch: Hey, they were starting to get annoying!

Mizana and Taniza: If it’s annoying then go to a different room.

Alexa and Isaac: Can’t you understand that?

Itch: Alright, whatever. Nephri needs to stop playing with the bells anyway, the Qs are here.

Alexa: Nagdabbit. And I was gonna catch up on my fanfictions.


LW to Alexa: Aww, I’m sorry. Rejection sucks, hang in there.

Alexa: How do you even know how reje- y’know what, I shouldn’t question it.

Mizana, Isaac, and Taniza: I will. How do you even know how it feels?

Alexa: I have a feeling that it’s gonna be answered next question.


LW to anyone who asks if she’s felt rejection: Don’t ask.


Everyone else minus Itch and Nephri: 0_0

Alexa, Itch, and Nephri: Don’t ask.


LW to Blackie: Holy fridge! *ducks* I just wanted to know!

Black Widow: Itch, you know what to do.

Itch: Now that I hear it, let’s let cartoon physics do the trick. Be right back. *jumps into a portal*

Alexa: What is he even doing?

Itch: *comes back* Done.


LW to Vampi: Cause I feel bad, what’s your deepest darkest secret?

Everyone -Alexa and TAS: Who’s Vampi?

Vampi the Editor: me

Alexa: *sighs* I hired a guy to edit my posts and write down the Qs for next post. Apparently he wanted to get in on the action.

Vampi the Editor: FINALLY! but im not sure i wanna reveal it tho. eh friggit, it’s that every time I close my eyes, I can see Nephri clawing at my face

Alexa: Guessing he put his answer either above or below the line where I talked.

Vampi the Editor: actually both lel

Mizana: Whatever, onto the next Q.


LW to Alexa again: Why is your hearing upped?

Alexa: That shall not be revealed.

Nephri: C’mon! Not for me?

Alexa: Nope.

Mizana: Or me?

Alexa: Nope.

Itch: Not even me or TAS.

Alexa: Not revealing to anyone. Just the fact my hearing is elevated is all you need to know.


LW to everyone: OK, who had superpowers?

Alexa: Everyone does. Team MINT’s isn’t really superpowers, though, but they’re called Semblances instead. Mine’s elevated hearing.

Itch: Parallel universe traveling.

TAS: *with Text to Speech* Fourth Wall Breaking.

Mizana: Semblance let’s superpowers differ based on eye color. Currently at neutral mint green.

Isaac: Teleportation. Like a ninja seems to be doing.

Nephri: Cloning.

Taniza: Electricity manipulation.

Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, Director D, Dr. Hare: *various ways of saying “none”*

Binary Bard: I’m a robot. My body is my superpowers.


Alexa: Looks like that’s it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have homework to do. Nephri, you know what to do.

Nephri: Yup. Ask questions to Alexa, Itch, TAS, Mizana, Isaac, me~, Taniza, Black Spider, Captain Fishy, Dr. Bunny, Robot Bard, or Director D. Or this new Vampi person that came up. He sounds cool. And as always…

Alexa and Nephri: Keep poppin’ it!

Alexa: You know what, Nephri, I’m starting to take a liking to you.

Ask the Group #10: Still Alive

Vampi the Editor: ye at this point I’m just gonna like make the chapter names songs from video games sooooo here’s this. have fun reading the Qs


Alexa: *closes the door to his bedroom and lays on his bed face-down into the pillow*

Itch: Alexa, for the first time I’m worried. What’s gotten into you?

Alexa: Don’t ask.

Itch: Alexa.

Alexa: What?

Itch: Just tell me.

Alexa: Here’s you a question. Which is lower, my grades or my self-esteem?

Itch: Youch, your grades are that bad?

Alexa: Yup. And I only have 2 days to take care of 3 classes. 4 assignments in one, two in another, and one in the last one. And my parents called me and started yelling at me, which means my self-esteem wins.

Itch: Well, if it makes you feel any better, someone other than Lucky asked a Q.

Alexa: Not any better. I’m just gonna go listen to some chillstep, hopefully that brightens my mood. *puts on his headphones, turning up the volume loud*

Nephri: *walking in* Any progress?

Itch: Nope… Any ideas?

Nephri: Nope.

Mizana: I bet if his mom called and DIDN’T yell at him, that’d make him feel better.

Alexa: You guys do realize my hearing is elevated, so I can hear what you’re saying.

Itch: Just get up and do the Qs with us.

Alexa: *sigh* Alright, fine.

Vampi the Editor: let’s just say that skit defines alexa’s thoughts irl


LW to Black Widow: Harsh. Does that mean Alexa can’t call you Blackie anymore?

Black Widow: Itch… what ways of knocking people into oblivion do you have right now?

Taniza: That didn’t directly count as calling you Blackie, Black Widow.

Black Widow: Nagdabbit. Well, to answer your question, he still can, but I just don’t advise it anymore. You still can’t though.


LW to everyone: Alright, little more on the relationships advice. (Vampi the editor’s note: well, here goes.) Any of you got anything on how to ask a guy out? Uh, for a friend!

Itch: First of all, (Vampi: im not a rapper) I call feces on the whole “for a friend” thing. Second, just stay calm, be yourself, that’s really all you need to know.

Mizana: Try not to be obsessive. Trust me, I know why I say that. *ahem*Nephri*ahem*

Taniza: If at all possible, just start off as friends, then when you’re both physically and mentally ready, tell him how you feel.

Nephri: *in Alexa’s ear* How much you wanna bet that’s the way Taniza and Isaac will happen?

Alexa: *to Nephri* Not enough to talk…

Isaac: Now, if at all you’re on the receiving side, that’s a different story.

Itch: Hold up. How do you have all this love advice?

Isaac: I’m a ninja. I pay attention to my surroundings.

Alexa, Black Widow, Nephri, and Mizana: *various murmurs of understanding*

Vampi the Editor: don’t fall in love with a guy, fall in love with the internet. problem solved :^ (<– failed one-line ascii text thumbs up)


LW to Itch: Bruh. How bored must you be to watch a sick teenage fangirl play PvZ Heroes for 5 days straight?

Itch: Very. Very. Very. Bored.

Alexa: You’re not bored when you decide to do that, though, right?

Itch: Of course not.


Red Rider to everyone: Are you guys getting sick of E and her Qs?

Vampi the Editor: YES

Villains: YES.

Alexa, Itch, TAS, Team MINT: NO.

Alexa: Lucky’s Qs are what keeps this running.

Villains: *various murmurs of agreement and understanding*


Alexa: Well, I’m going back to lay in low self-esteem and self-pity.

Mizana: Guess I’ll take it. As always, ask Alexa, Itch, TAS, Black Widow, Director D, Binary Bard, Dr. Hare, Captain crawfish, me, Isaac, Nephri, and Taniza questions, and we’ll answer them.

Vampi the Editor: fun fact, they always forget to add me into that mix. also I just realized TAS is the one making memes, so this is probably the last you’ll see of me unless you ask me Qs. so ttyl ig

Nephri: In the meantime, I’m gonna see if I can get Alexa to realize her potential. *in a whisper* Both with herself and with me.

Alexa: Remember? Superior hearing.

Nephri: Dabbit.

Ask the Group #9: Backwards Compatibility

Alexa: Wwwwwwwwwwelcome, ladies, gentlemen, and any other subgroup of sentient beings, to the Compatilibility Test! Here we take questions from our readers and find out who is more compatible in a relationship with me. I’m your host and question asker, Alexa Hattomi!

Itch: Your data analyst, Itch Step.

Alexa: And on our soundboard is TAS. He doesn’t talk much.

TAS: *smiles and puts a thumbs up*

Alexa: In the first corner, we have the art thief, the spiderwoman-

Black Widow: I’m not called that.

Alexa: -the one and only, Black Widow!

Black Widow: *waves*

Alexa: And in the opposite corner, it’s the catwoman, the multiplier, the probably-just-as-amazing-as-Blackie-is Faunus, Nephri Teana!

Nephri: *waves, smiling, blowing kisses to the phone cameras put up around the room*

Black Widow: *rolls her eyes at Nephri*

Alexa: Time to get on with the show! Our first question, actually for Itch, from Lucky Wing, is…


LW to Itch: Wait, have you been to my dimension? Wait a tic, have you been watching me?!

Itch: Oh, yes I have. I can see your every move. I’m even watching you read this blog post.

Alexa, Nephri, Mizana, and Taniza: Now that’s just creepy.

Itch: Not as creepy as the fact you all said “that’s creepy” at the same exact time.

Alexa and Taniza: Touche.

Nephri and Mizana: You do have a point.

Alexa: But anyway, onto the next question… which is also for Itch.


LW to Itch again: Harvey’s in a relationship? When did that happen?

Team MINT, Itch, Alexa, and TAS’s TTS: Oh, you should know.

Itch: Seriously, why do we keep saying things in harmony?

Alexa: Must be some cosmic coincidence.

Vampi (the editor, after this show was finished): crap, they’re onto me

Alexa: Our next question, to the Villains… Ugh, this isn’t to the both of the contestants… Shut the cameras down, screwdriver this.


LW to the Villains: Do you guys have jobs?

Black Widow: Well, Alexa here had the bright idea of making a page where people could share fanart, and I’m the one who was taught to embed the pictures into the website and keep them from being taken by other people.

Captain Crawfish: Aye, I be working importin’ n’ exportin’.

Director D: I work at a hair salon, ironically.

Dr. Hare: I sell quality carrots.

Binary Bard: And since I’m a robot, I’m indirectly Alexa’s butler.

Alexa: Hehe, robot butler.


LW to Director D: Lucario is boss! It’s one of my favs too!

Director D: Well, my mind’s always shifting, so if you want to keep up to date, just ask Alexa when he’s on Discord.

Alexa: Yep, just ask me on- wait, how do you know I’m on Discord?

Director D: Bard hacked into it for no reason one day.

Alexa: Mordred, where’s your off switch?

Binary Bard: Don’t have one.

Alexa: Nagdabbit.


LW to “Alexa, and to everyone too, now that I think about it”: So I’m you-know-who? I mean, sometimes at school I go by Lady Voldemort, but how did you know about that?


Mizana, Blackie, and Nephri: What’s so funny?

Alexa: Lady Voldemort! That’s genius! 10 points to the House of Pancakes for whoever did that!

Itch, Isaac: Snap out of it, Alexa.

Alexa: Oh, right. Well, yes, we call you “you-know-who” because we’re used to seeing your Qs here. But I had no clue you were known as that in school! That’s just hilarious!

TAS: *walks behind the laughing Alexa and bonks her in the head*

Alexa: Oh, right, the rest of the Qs. Thanks for that, TAS.

TAS: *thumbs up*


LW to Dr. Hare: Are your ears real too?

Dr. Hare: My human ears or my bunny ears? it’s sometimes hard to hear through the bunny suit, but the bunny ears aren’t real. Sorry to disappoint you.

Nephri: Aw, that sucks.

Alexa: You would think that, Nephri. You’d always think that.


LW to Black Widow: Can you draw anime style?

Alexa: Finally, some questions for the Compatibility Test! Cameras on, everyone!

Taniza: *turns the cameras on using her electricity powers*

Black Widow: Well, I don’t know how to draw anime-style…

Alexa: Manga-style, actually, but still.

Black Widow: …I am trying to learn it, though.

Alexa: Nephri, your comments?

Nephri: Drawing with bullets into the ground is more my style.

Alexa: Itch, point to Blackie.

Itch: Added.


LW to everyone: Also, hi.

Alexa: Hello.

Black Widow: Hey.

Director D: Salutations.

Dr. Hare: Hello there.

Captain Crawfish: Aye, aye.

Binary Bard: Oh, hello.

Mizana: Sup.

Isaac: こんにちは (Konnichiwa) (vampi edit: that’s hello in japanese)

Nephri: Nya~…

Taniza: 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) (vampi edit: that’s hello in korean)

Itch: Hmph.

TAS: *wave*


LW to everyone again: Is anyone pumped about the Ninjago Movie or is that literally just me?

Alexa: Well, noting it could be an extension upon the Lego Movie and the Lego Batman movie, I’d say it’s pretty hype.

Itch: But we’re not that big fans of Ninjago.

Isaac: That’s not even what ninjas are like.

Alexa: What, do you have to say every ninja thing isn’t what ninjas would be like?

Isaac: Not every ninja thing. Just most ninja things.


Alexa: Well, that’s it for this episode of The Compatibility Test. As always, ask the host aka me, Alexa Hattomi, Data Analyst Itch Step, Soundboard User TAS, Art Site Programmer Black Widow, Barber Director D, Cargo Ship Captain Crawfish, Carrot Seller Dr. Hare, Robot Butler Binary Bard, Sub-Host Mizana Kirone, Ninja Isaac Kyuketsuki, Catwoman Nephri Teana, or Electric Samurai Taniza Itena questions.

Vampi the Editor: you can also ask me questions too, I guess. did this on computer, that’s both reminding me to add the correct accents and repair the shift button from the last paragraph

Alexa: And as always, keep poppin’ it!

Black Widow: You know what, Nephri? You can have him. I get bored of most people easily. No offense, Alexa, you’re an awesome guy and all, but I’m just not here for relationships.

Nephri: YAY!

Alexa: NAY!

TAS: *plays sad violin song, going closer to Alexa’s ear and turning it up louder*

Alexa: *punches TAS*

Ask The Group #8: Are You Asking For A Challenge?!?

Mizana: So, last I remember, you were working on new trademark quotes.

Nephri: Yeah, I remember Mizana saying something about that. Any progress?

Alexa: Well, I’m always getting yelled at by my mom when I’m not hanging with you guys, working on tech, or working on Qs, so I do have one quote that I’ve extended on.

Taniza: Let’s hear it, A.

Alexa: “Actions speak louder than words, but when combined you can hear chaos.”

Isaac: Woah. That’s some serious 哲学 right there.

Alexa: Serious what?

Mizana: Doesn’t TAS have a translator?

Alexa: Right, forgot about that. Yo, TAS, get in here real quick.


Alexa: Translator, Detect Language to English.

TAS: *configures his arm-tech, then nods to go ahead*

Isaac: 哲学

TAS: *arm tech beeps, then he shows Alexa the result*

Alexa: Good philosophy? Dang. And I thought I was just a normal game commentator.

TAS: *plays a laughter sound reel*

Alexa: Anyway, have the Qs arrived yet?

Black Widow: Got em right here, babe.

Alexa: Ah, thanks. Get the villains in here, would you, please, TAS?

TAS: *nods, bolts off, and comes back 5 minutes later with the villains*

Alexa: Alright, Q time. Only 3, it’s you-know-who back again.

Pop Villains and Itch: *groaning*

Alexa: Hey. Shut it. Let’s see what they are.


LW to everyone: So how’d you all meet up?

Blackie: Me and the other villains met up at Erewhon, but we followed Alexa home when Dr. Jupiter, or should I say Zeus, was defeated by him.

Alexa: Well, except for Director D. He got tired of prison, broke out, saw them following me, and followed me as well. As for me, Itch, and TAS, well, we’re brothers. We had a big family meetup and that’s where I saw Mizana.

Mizana: We exchanged numbers and I got on to talk with him a bunch before going to Beacon. Heck, if we weren’t related, I’d probably steal him from you, Black Widow.

Black Widow: -_-

Mizana: Anyway, on the jet to Beacon, I met Nephri, and we hung out in the common room for the first-night sleepover before Headmaster Ozpin did orientation, and formed me, Nephri, Isaac, and Taniza into a team. As with the rest of the teams at Beacon, our team name was a color. Since order of members was me, Isaac, Nephri, Taniza, the first letters of our names spelled out MINT. Therefore, Team MINT was born. But after a bunch of havoc, what with the death of Ozpin, Pyrrha, and Penny, we decided that Beacon wasn’t safe and moved here.

Isaac: I actually met Taniza on the jet to Beacon as well. We’re still trying to figure out what relationships are going to happen within Beacon.

Alexa: They’re called ships!

Isaac: Do they float in water?

Alexa: No, they’re not physical.

Isaac: Then they’re relationships.

Alexa: Ugh, oy vey or whatever.


LW to Director D: So what IS your favorite Pokémon?

Director D: Well, I would say I’ve never played Pokémon, but Alexa forced me to try out Pokken Tournament while he was at some kinda festival thing and there was a game truck. Let’s just say Lucario looks pretty cool.

Alexa: Lucario? The whole time we played you chose Pika Libre. Pika Libre in Pokken Tournament is like Pichu in Smash Melee! It sucks!

Director D: How would I have known?

Alexa: Look it up!


LW to everyone again: Favorite ships?

Itch: Alexa x Black Widow. I’m calling that ship Spider Dance.

Nephri: I dunno. Itch x Taniza seems likely. At some moments, Taniza can be as rude as Itch. Call it Rude Dogs.

Mizana: Isaac x Ren, maybe? I mean, they’re both guys, but they’re both good ninjas. Blake would call it Ninjas of Love.

Binary Bard: Calculating probability of ships. Spider Dance at 100%. Rude Dogs at 83%. Ninjas of Love at 32%.

Dr. Hare: Whoever it is Itch says I’m in a relationship is in the parallel world he visits or whatever x me. Call it IDEK.

Binary Bard: IDEK at random%.

Nephri: Hmmm… I mean, me x Alexa seems cool. Name? Man’s Best Friend.

Binary Bard: Man’s Best Friend at 98%.

Alexa & Blackie: WHAT?

TAS: *text to speech* elite game show simulator. 1-1=35.

Alexa: TAS, what does that even mean in this situation?

TAS: *shrugs*

Isaac: Looks to me like you’ve got competition, Black Widow.

Black Widow: *growls at Nephri*

Nephri: *purrs angrily at Black Widow*


Alexa: While I find a way to see who’s more compatible *ahem*someoneaskaqaboutthat*achoo* I should probs do the outro. As always, you can ask me, Itch, TAS, Mizana, Isaac, Nephri, Taniza, Blackie, D, Hare, Crawfish, and Bard whatever questions your heart oh so desires. Except for anything rated R. Then you get shamed by TAS. And TAS’s shame is a bad thing. And as always, keep popping it!

Blackie: I’ve been with him longer. You haven’t even been with him at all.

Nephri: Well, I heard from Mizana that he hates spiders.

Alexa: Dang, you guys both make compelling arguments.

Ask the Group, Episode 7: Introducing, Team MINT!

Alexa: Alright, anytime now…

Itch: Who are you waiting for, Alexa?

Alexa: Remember last week with the Qs, I said my cousin Mizana and her friends were moving in? They’re coming today.

Itch: Wait, really?

Alexa: Yes sirree, they’re coming to-NAGDABBIT! Villains, assemble!

Black Widow: What? What is it?

Alexa: Mizana and her friends are coming to town and we haven’t bothered to clean the house! Bard, TAS, bedrooms. Crawfish, Director D, bathrooms. Hare, Itch, kitchen. Blackie and I will take the rest of the rooms. Go, go, go!

Itch: TAS, montage music!

TAS: *does a ding with his soundboard, and plays Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce*

*everyone starts working*

*2 hours, 18 minutes, 27 seconds later*

Alexa: Alright, good work, everyone. Now they should be here any se-

*a knock is heard on the door*

Alexa: Ooh, here they are! Everyone except Itch, hide!

Binary Bard: The Villain’s room should do!

*everyone but Alexa and Itch run into the Villain’s bedroom, and Alexa opens the door*

Alexa: Miza-! Oh, sorry, mailman. The Qs are here? Ok, thanks. *she tosses the Qs on the table, and the mailman also drops a shaking box* Oh, what’s in that? From Vale City, you said? Ooh, must be urgent. Thank you! *she pushes the box into the living room, and grabs her knife, cutting open the box, and four people shoot out face-first into the couch*

??? #1: Ugh, whose idea was it to mail us to Mizana’s cousin’s house?

??? #2: I blame Nephri. She’s the crazy one.

??? #1: I don’t blame her, she is a Faunus cat, after all.

??? #3: Wait, are we here?

??? #4: *gasps* Alexa!

Alexa: Mizana!

*Mizana and Alexa hug each other*

Mizana: Oh my Isanami, I haven’t seen you in ages!

Alexa: Introduce me to your friends and I’ll introduce you to mine.

Mizana: The tall guy, Isaac. Contrary to what he looks like, he’s a great cook and a great freerunner.

Isaac: Present and accounted for.

Mizana: Nephri Teana, always lands on her feet, always QUICK on her feet, and can make many copies of herself.

Nephri: *makes a clone and has it shakes hands with itself*

Mizana: And finally, Taniza Itena. Not really too skilled in anything specific, but she can make electricity out of nowhere.

Taniza: Shocking, ain’t it? *she high-fives Mizana*

Mizana: So, who are your friends?

Alexa: Well, you already met Itch, but I actually have 6 more people hiding in my room. Thankfully, they could hear your introductions because me and one of them have communicators, but let me call them out. *she presses a button on her watch* Come on out, guys!

TAS: *presses button* It’s time to d-d-d-d-dddddd-

Alexa: *presses the mute button* Don’t. Anyway, this is the brother that was never there when you were, TAS. Next, my girlfriend Black Widow. Just as an FYI, only I’m allowed to call her Blackie.

Black Widow: *coming downstairs* And if you do, Itch has my permission to 4th wall you into oblivion.

Itch: Oh, and I’ll do it, too.

Alexa: Director D, last name unknown, first name probably known, favorite Pokémon Unown, and entity known.

Director D: And try not to judge me. And that’s not my favorite Pokémon.

Alexa: I know, just trying to make your intro rhyme. Anyway, next is Captain Crawfish, the greatest pirate to sail the seven seas in modern times.

Crawfish: Aye, matey.

Alexa: Binary Bard, robot. Known possibilities of saying things are probably 11001101.

Binary Bard: Actually, it’s many more. But my hardware’s durable, so I work better.

Alexa: And finally, Dr. Hare. And no, Nephri, he’s not a Faunus bunny.

Dr. Hare: Don’t question it. Too much of a story.

Nephri: Oh, come on. Nobody but Blake back at Beacon is a Faunus that I know of. Well, except for me, Velvet, and Neon.

Alexa:  Anyway, we do a Q&A thing every so often. So expect me to interrupt you so you can answer some Qs. Speaking of which, let’s get it started.

LW to TAS: So can you talk?

TAS: *nods yes*

Mizana: Do you ever?

TAS: *shakes head no*

Taniza: Why not?

TAS: *shrugs*

Alexa: One mysterious person under that meme-loving shell.


LW to everyone: Do you have any relationship advice?

Binary Bard: Searching database. None found.

Alexa: Well, add some more. Trial and error’s not the right way to go.

Nephri: Don’t try and force them to love you.

Isaac: Just find the right one and you’ll survive.

Black Widow: You don’t HAVE to be in a relationship.

Itch: On second thought, all of us give somewhat bad relationship advice.

Taniza: I can vouch for that. The main thing to me is be yourself.

TAS: *nods*


LW to Itch: Just curious, but what’s the best prank you’ve ever played?

Itch: Long story short, a TV show concept made real.

Alexa: He made a 7 mile spanking machine, built in pedometer to make sure.

Itch: Did it on Alexa’s buddy Sakura. Man, was she mad.


LW to Alexa: Do you have a Wattpad? I think you do, but IDK.

Alexa: Yep. Sakura changed the username on it to DJSakuraStep, and I haven’t bothered to change it back. I’m not making stories on it anymore, I use FFN instead. DJVampiStep on there.

Taniza: Fanfictions, huh?

Alexa: Let’s just say I had a vivid mind.


LW to everyone again: So I’ve been sick… For 5 days… Any tips for keeping MY sanity?

Isaac: First of all, constantly check up on yourself with family.

Alexa: Hope your parents aren’t as strict as mine. They had me go to school even if I was sick.

Taniza: If you’re staying home, do what you love to do sitting still. Of course, Team MINT would face off against Yang on her fighting game. Ruby’s good at it too.

Alexa: Fighting game?

Nephri: Yep. Ninja Fighters III!

Isaac: And they think it’s an accurate representation of ninjas fighting. Try going to the ninja training school I went to in Kyoto. That’s a real ninja fight.

Alexa: Oooo, you’ll have to tell me about it.

Itch: After the Q’s finished. We need more tips for Lucky.

TAS: *using TTS* Rapid fire!

Alexa: Chicken noodle soup always works!

Itch: Carrots aren’t good for your eyesight, but they can help with night vision.

Blackie: Survive in loud crowds by eating more magnesium.

Mizana: Yeah, I think that’s enough.


Alexa: You should know by now what I’m going to say. Any Q’s you wanna ask, can be addressed to a combination of either me, Itch, TAS, Blackie, Bard, Crawfish, D, Hare, Mizana, Isaac, Nephri, or Taniza. And as always, keep poppin’ it?

Mizana: Keep poppin’ it? Why that?

Alexa: It’s a long story. Don’t ask.

Nephri: Can-

Alexa: No.

Taniza: Are you-

Alexa: Yes.

Ask the Group, Episode 6: Nocturnal Tofu Delivery

Sorry this is out late! Got grounded for not getting grades tended to, but since I finished a thing for my World History class, I’ve a bunch of time on my iPad, so I’m taking all I can. Again, sorry!

Alexa: TAS, ready?

TAS: *thumbs up*

Alexa: Press it.

TAS: *presses a button on his soundboard and grabs out some trading cards*

Alexa: *grabs out trading cards*

Alexa and TAS’s soundboard: IT’S TIME TO D-D-D-D-DDDDDD-DUEL!

Alexa: Crimson Nova!

TAS: *another button* “Blue Eyes, White Lightning!”

Alexa: Nope! Mine has higher attack!

TAS: *slams his fist on the deck, putting his hands up, and moving the cards back into a full deck*

Alexa: That’s always fun, right, TAS?

TAS: *high-fives Alexa*

Itch: Guys! New Qs!

Black Widow: Great. I was getting tired of hearing a bunch of names of cards.

Alexa: Alright, let’s see…


LW to all: Happy 10th everyone!

Black Widow: Thanks, Lucky!

Dr. Hare and Director D: Yes, thanks!

Crawfish: Aye, thanks for ye well-wishes!

Binary: Congratulating processes online.


LW to all again: How old are y’all?

Alexa: Blackie’s 20. Crawfish, who knows how long. Dr. Hare, maybe 29. Binary Bard, technically immortal, Director D, around 36.

Black Widow: How do you know how old I am?

Alexa: It slipped out when you were talking and I managed to note it down.

Director D: What about the rest of us?

Alexa: Director D, based on looks, Captain Crawfish, his beard confuses me. Dr. Hare, lucky guess, and Binary Bard’s is obvious.

Itch: *clapping* Wow. Your brain’s bigger than I thought.


LW to Captain Crawfish: Can you do a Western accent?

Crawfish: Hrm… Let’s see. *in a really bad western accent* I got a bullet here with yer name on it.

TAS: *pulls a red sharpie out, writes something on a whiteboard, and flips it over, showing he wrote 7.5*


LW to Dr. Hare: Are you a cute smol bunny?

Dr. Hare: HA! Only when Alexa’s stepsister is around.

Alexa: Hey, she’s like half as old as me, she doesn’t know the difference between an animatronic bunny and a real bunny.

Dr. Hare: Otherwise, no. I am not a cute bunny. I’m an EVIL cute bunny!

Itch: *sighs*


LW to Black Widow: Congratulations, btw.

Blackie: Oh, you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, right?

Itch: Oh, she’s talking about what you think she’s talking about.

Alexa: I can back that up.


LW to Binary Bard: Do you ever get love letters? Because my friend Binary gets a lot.

Binary Bard: Love letters? No. Now anonymous love emails, yes. Seriously, who signed me up for iHarmony?

TAS: *holding back a smile*

Binary Bard: TAS…

TAS: *gains his straight face*


LW to Director D: What’s the D stand for?

Director D: Dangerous.

Alexa: Really? I thought it was Dolan. Or Donald. Speaking of Donald, I always get random calls for either a Linda or a Donald. Either that or it’s always the callbait “Hi, this is Ray, how’re you?” Makes me wanna go find the people that make those calls and punch them in the throat, in my opinion.

Black Widow: I’m the same way, actually.


LW to Itch: What are you implying?

Itch: I’m implying nothing. I’m not one to be broken.

Alexa: Yeah, I can disprove that, but that’s not a matter for the Qs.


LW to TAS: How many sounds you got?

TAS: *stops and thinks, giving a glance to Alexa as if they were asking permission*

Alexa: I’m going to regret this. Permission granted.

TAS: *jumps up and down as he turns the volume fully up on the soundboard* IT’S OVER 9000!

Alexa: God, that was loud. Back to normal volume.

TAS: *sighs, adjusting it back*


LW to Alexa: How do you keep your sanity?

Alexa: TAS, spinner. Joke way or normal way?

TAS: *pulls up a spinner on their phone, and signs a J*

Alexa: Joke way? Well, this is of course a joke, but you ask how I keep my sanity. I don’t. My sanity keeps me.

TAS: *using text to speech* Now for real.

Alexa: Really, though, just reading fanfictions and/or the Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. If you want spoilers on any specific fanfictions, and or spoilers on what I’ve read so far in Hitchhiker’s Guide, PM me on Username DJVampiStep.


Alexa: And, as per usual, that’s all the Qs we have. You want to ask any questions, ask me, Itch, TAS, Binary Bard, Blackie, Dr. Hare, Director D, or Captain Crawfish. And, as an added bonus, my cousin and her friends are coming in next week, so you can ask my cousin Mizana Kirone and her friends Isaac Kyūketsuki, Nephri Teana, and Taniza Itena questions too. She also texted me saying that Mizana, Nephri, and Taniza are probably going to be moving in, so insert more chaos! And as always… Say it with me TAS…

TAS (via TTS) and Alexa: KEEP POPPIN’ IT!

10 Years and 1 Day Ago…: A Recollection of Alexa and the Community

Alexa: Hey, guys, Alexa here.

Itch: And me and TAS, because TAS just HAS to be here.

TAS: *puts his thumbs up*

Alexa: Anyway, today, I decided I should do a post on the 10th birthday of Poptropica. So what better to do then reminisce about the past? We’re starting from when I first joined the Poptropica community to now. TAS, montage music.

TAS: *pulls his phone out and start playing Friends by Hyper Potions* (NOTE: If you’ve seen the Sonic Mania opening animation, that’s the song that plays then.)

Alexa: September 2015, I had rejoined Poptropica after a long hiatus, when it popped up in my mind during a break we had in our A/V class. I even introduced my friends to the game, but I’m pretty sure they never play it anymore.

Itch: Meh, it’s not like they cared anyway.

Alexa: Whatever. It was around that time I saw all the new islands made while I was gone, and I started looking around to see if I could find a place to get some help. In comes the Poptropica Help Blog, which back at the time was Slanted Fish, Blake, Spotted Dragon, UiPE, HP, and a bunch more that I can’t remember.

Itch: We’d look it up, but Alexa posts using the school-issued iPads, and they block the site because it’s “non-managed.”

Alexa: Soon after, around February 2016, there was an announcement that the Poptropica Help Chat, which was the PHB’s chat room, was switching from Xat to Discord.

Itch: For those who don’t know, Discord is pretty much the new voice chat and chatroom hub, for those who “don’t want to hassle with Skype and are tired of paying for Teamspeak servers”, or whatever it is they say.

Alexa: So of course, I went in there, back then going under the name DJScratchStep.

Itch: That’s how I came along. I was basically an alter-ego of Scratch designed for when I wanted to get mean, but more on that in a bit. Back before joining the community, Alexa actually went by TheAthenaSpawner, or T.A.S. for short. That’s how TAS came along.

TAS: *smiling*

Alexa: Online names aside, I joined the Discord as soon as I got home, and started mingling with people. Then came along WimpyKidFan. He PM’d me saying he wanted more chat members to join his gaming clan, the Rekt Clan. And so, after uploading photos of my gaming prowess in Geometry Dash along with a couple of videos I did, one playing Minecraft with my old friend SuperBuckoLovesMinecraft and a guy that was in the same place as me when we were recording who went by Crusader, and another playing BTD Battles with my friend The Spike Factory, who I’m still friends with.

Itch: Soon enough, he joined the Rekt clan. Their newest member had arrived.

Alexa: And that it did. A few months and an MPIP later, WKF was asking for clan managers. I submitted, seeing that I had been there for a while, and he took me in. Fast forward another few months, he needed a co-leader. Boom, me.

Itch: Fun fact, he actually met his best friend Diamond Glaz3 while he was there.

Alexa: Then, things got sad, as WKF said he was leaving Discord, and he was giving me possession of the clan (which I’m renaming to the Knights of the Fire Oath soon, don’t tell anybody). We emailed after a while, then WKF said he had forgot the username of his email, and all Rekt-related things were going away.

Itch: Luckily, Alexa managed to save the clan chat, but it’s dead currently, so it was useless to get in anyway in retrospect.

Alexa: Back to the Poptropica fandom. Around mid 2016, I decided to make a Poptropica blog named the Poptropica Help Island… but after a while, I ditched that name as there wasn’t really anything related to help there, and I made this blog right afterward.

Itch: After a while he saw that Tall Cactus, former blogger, had made a blog unrelated to Poptropica, and it was doing fairly well, then he saw the fall of that and the rise of Lucky Wing’s Luckily Bizzare, and he decided to make his own non-Poptropica blog Random Vampiness, back when he was going by DJVampiGamer. And yet no matter how much you emphasize that you changed your name, you’ll still be known as Vam-

Alexa: Shut it. Anyway, after a while, I found out about the Poptropica Bloggers Network, run by Purple Claw and Hyper Gamer. At least I know for a fact the first name is right, not entirely sure about the second. Not much has happened since then, however. Mostly just me making more friends, losing more, making relationships, breaking them, and a bunch more that really doesn’t belong here.

Itch: Any shoutouts you’d like to mention?

Alexa: Let’s see. Lucky Wing, for always commenting and liking posts, whether it be on RV or the TBPH. Tall Cactus, Short Feather, and G-Hopper for being good trollers when we trolled on Roblox a couple days back. The Glaz3 clan members, being Diamond Glaz3/Caidence, Frost Glaz3/John, GoatMan, Kitty Glaz3, datweeabooninjakid, and Netflix Glaz3, for whom have helped me become happy in times of sadness. Slanted Fish, Purple Claw, Spotted Dragon, and Brave Tomato, for helping me keep up-to-date on Poptropica News. Skinny Moon for being the greatest social media head for Poptropica ever. WKF for inviting me to the Glaz3 Clan, sad you’re gone. idk and Blake for being people with outstanding memes on the PHC, and Noveen for keeping me entertained while I’m stuck in youth group at church. Awesomess, Sooth, Speed-o-rama, and the rest of the school’s Card Game Club, for being good friends. My stepsister, LizardLiz, and my stepbrother Reddurcs, for being the nerdiest family members I know apart from my dad and stepfather. My old aliases that are now cemented into both my memories and these posts, being Samconry (my Xbox gamertag), TAS (the main abbreviation for my Skype name, DJScratchStep (my old username for most stuff now), DJVampiGamer my slightly old username for most stuff), DJVampiStep (another version of DJVampiGamer), DJKyūketsuki (a temporary username until the next one), DJKeikoYokoyama (one of my usernames), CPU Vampi and CPU Keiko (my usernames for my favorite Youtuber’s Discord chat), for helping me develop the name I have today, that’ll be destined to be changed again. Vinyl Bass for introducing me to the MLP fandom, and Flare the Echidna for being one of my best IRL buds in the Sonic fandom. And finally, my mother and father, for building me into the person I will be when I graduate.

Itch: That’s a long list.

TAS: *nods in agreement*

Alexa: Hush thy judging mouth. But anyway, keep poppin’ it!

Ask the Group Episode 5: The Wrath of Lucky

Alexa: Hey, TAS, come here real quick.

TAS: *walks up to Alexa*

Alexa: Why in Isanagi are you getting on forums for video games?

TAS: *shrugs, makes a question mark with their hands, then pulls out their video game controller and points it at the console nearby*

Alexa: If you need help with video games, then just ask me. I’ve played almost anything.

TAS: *rolls their eyes*

Itch: Hey, just FYI, the villains are gone. It’s their 10th anniversary of existing, so they’re out celebrating. The questions are here though.

Alexa: I guess I’ll just text Blackie if there’s anything the villains need. Let’s see here…


LW to Itch: Sorry, I get the same thing a lot, so…

Itch: Oh, is this about the whole ‘my arm’s itchy’ thing?

Alexa: *stares him down*

Itch: *groans* Sorry for going out of hand in that instance.

Alexa: *smiles and nods*


LW to Itch again: What? WHO IS IT?!?

Itch: You should know. I’ve seen what you do in the parallel world. I see everything…

TAS: *plays the illuminati theme*

Itch: TAS, don’t even- you know what, that actually fits me. Never mind, keep it going.


LW to Black Widow: pls dont kill me

Alexa: Hold up, lemme text Blackie.

*phone pulls out*

Alexa Hattomi to Villain Group: yo, blackie, i got the qs here, u-should-kno-who’s asking u not to kill them

Black “Blackie” Widow to Villain Group: tell lucky as long as she doesnt call me blackie she’ll be fine

Alexa Hattomi to Villain Group: aight


LW to Everyone: Can I have a hug? I could use it.

Alexa Hattomi to Villain Group: o ye, lucky’s asking for hugs

Dr. Harvey Hare to Villain Group: give em one 4 me, i feel generous

Director D to Villain Group: eh, ill give 1 2

Binary Bard to Villain Group: pass, pls

Black “Blackie” Widow: crawfish sez he doesnt wanna give lucky scurvy or whatevr


LW to Everyone again: Who plays Minecraft?

Alexa Hattomi to Villain Group: lucky’s also wondering if anyone plays minecraft

TAS “TASBot” to Villain Group: ye

Black “Blackie” Widow to Villain Group: since u introduced it 2 me, yes. crawfish says no

Binary Bard to Villain Group: u put it in2 my system for u and tas 2 play when we r on the go, so technically yeah

Itch Step to Villain Group: nah, i’d rather not play w/ either alexa or tas

Black “Blackie” Widow to Villain Group: hare and d are ordering, they told me 2 tell u no

Alexa Hattomi to Villain Group: tht’s all the qs, then. have fun celebrating your tenth anniversary of existing

Black “Blackie” Widow to Villain Group: it’d b bettr w/ u

Itch Step to Villain Group: keep luvy duvy stuff out of this group chat

TAS “TASBot” to Villain Group: plskthxbai


Alexa: Well, that’s enough of an exercise on my fingers. Remember, ask me, Itch, TAS, Blackie, Director D, Cap’n Crawfish, Dr. Hare, and Binary bard anything, maybe even dares, and we’ll get back to ya. Keep poppin’ it!

Ask the Group #4: *insert creative title here*

Alexa: …Screwdriver.

Black Widow: *hands him a screwdriver*

Alexa: …Solderer.

Black Widow: *hands him a solderer* Why am I standing here again, Alexa?

Alexa: Because, Blackie… *some zapping is heard* …I’m upgrading my computer’s hardware.

Black Widow: Why so?

Alexa: So my computer can wirelessly connect to my laptop and I can control the computer from the laptop. TAS is always wanting on my computer to get on game forum pages and possibly get my computer installed with viruses, and I’m controlling it with my laptop so I can keep them from doing so.

Black Widow: That makes no sense, but I’ll agree with you. TAS gets annoying, am I right?

Alexa: He wasn’t allowed anywhere else without someone to calm him. In other words, the exact reason why he’s here.

Binary Bard: *walks in* Hey, Alexa, questions are here.

Alexa: Hold on. *zapping is heard again* Aaaaand done. Laptop and computer are now connected. Anyway, toss it here, Bard.

Binary Bard: *tosses the envelope towards her*

Alexa: Everyone, get in here! Our first question…

Lucky Wing to Alexa: Congratulations on having more of a life than me! And having the guts to admit that too! Dang, I need to get my life together…

Alexa: Oh, you mean me and Blackie? Yes, thanks. Hope you and whatever parallel universe relationships you’re in go well.

Itch: I’ve already figured out who it is in here that’s possibly in a parallel universe relationship with this Lucky girl, though. Not saying who it is.

Alexa: At least whisper it to me.

Itch: Ugh, fine. *he whispers it to Alexa*

Alexa: Oh, that makes perfect sense. Alright, thanks for telling me.

LW to Itch: Is your arm itchy?


Alexa: Itch…

Itch: I mean, just because my name is Itch doesn’t mean that anything is itchy on my body!

Alexa: Itch, calm down.

Itch: Jeez, at least respect a man’s name. People will think you’re lucky if your name’s Lucky, right? Exactly. Respect.

LW to Black Widow: Can I call you Blackie or will you give me a black eye? *dabs at lame pun*

Black Widow: Only Alexa can call me Blackie. Otherwise…

Alexa: We agreed that if you do, we’re sending Itch after you.

Itch: Note to you: Never combine me, a white vintage-looking car, and Euronext music. All that equals drifting you into oblivion.

Red Rider to everyone: *gives everyone hugs*

Alexa: Erm… thanks…?

Black Widow: Hey, only Alexa’s parents and myself can hug him!

Itch: No. No hugs.

TAS: *dodges any attempt at hugging*

Binary Bard: I need help.

Captain Crawfish: So do I, matey.

Dr. Hare and Director D: You’re not alone.


Alexa: And that’s all for this round. Remember, ask me, Itch, TAS, Blackie, Director D, Cap’n Crawfish, Dr. Hare, and Binary Bard whatever. Dares are also appreciated too. And with that, I bid everyone a see you later. Keep poppin’ it!