Monthly Archives: August 2017

It’s been a while…

…Where did I go, you may ask? That's an easy answer.

Hey, guys, Keiko here. Yup, yet another name change. But I'm back… For now.

You see, about a month or less ago, my dad was put in the hospital for a chemotherapy treatment for his leukemia. I had to come home to my mom and stepdad (who are most of the time brutal to me), and I immediately forgot about the existence of my blogs.

But then I was scrolling through my server list and found the PHC… And realized I missed a lot. So here's the news summed up in a short list:

– 24 Carrot Island remade in Poptropica Worlds
– Comments now able to be done on the Creator's Blog
– Skinny Moon's lack of Creator's Blog posts, I guess

Oh, and I made a new blog 😀

But that's it for now, guys. Phone battery's low, and I've gotta get back to dinner with my family. Like always, keep poppin' it!