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Hey, guys, Vampi here.

Checking Discord one day, I was hearing all this stuff about Worlds and Crisis Caverns and stuff, but I was thinking, “wait, what the heck is going on?” So I check the PHB and I internally scream.


I made my character, of which I will edit into the post later, and I added the necessities to the outfit (the gamer glasses and vampire hair from previous NormPop outfits). Decorated my house to look pretty decent, and decided, “Hey, I’m gonna check out Crisis Caverns.”

So ReVamped Trusty (self-related pun intended) got in the blimp and checked out Crisis Caverns. This is where I’m going to make a guide about this that I am probably going to post sooner or later.


I’m going to get to work on my walkthrough. Keep poppin’ it!


PS. Due to finals week starting Tuesday next week, I probably won’t be making any more posts until after school lets out Friday, around 2:30 PM CST. So I’ll be out soon with the guide, and I’ll see you there!


EDIT: Apparently I didn’t know that the original post was made by Lilly and Mia. Whoops. 😛

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

So I’m scrolling through blog posts and I saw a post on Fierce Flyer Adventures about making PoptropiCon a reality. Fast forward to ShayShayGamer making another post in which Fierce Flyer said something about making it a trend on Twitter. So I set one up, afterward having seen Fierce Flyer and ShayShayGamer having already liked the tweet, and ShayShay having made another tweet. Now here’s mine.

Let’s make this happen.

That’s really all I have right now, except for the new leak but with time constraints, I can’t post about it. Keep poppin’ it!

EDIT: if you wanna check out my twitter it’s DJVampiStep