Q&A: The Answers #1

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

So it’s time for the infamous Q&A. As always, if you have more questions you can comment down below.

Anyway, the first one comes from Lucky Wing:

LW: What is your favorite ship?

Me: Is it specific to Poptropica or just in general?

LW: Do both. It’ll be fun.

You hath put a burden on me. For Poptropica it’s me x Betty Jetty (yes i’m following it, pw, are you happy), and for in general? Probably my own OC X Neopolitan from RWBY. Neo is bae.

Next, from Sporty Boa:

Favorite color? And if you were an animal, which one would you be?

Favorite color? Red, it’s the color of blood.

…Don’t question it. I’m a vampire, hence the name Vampi.

But with the animal question, I’d have to say a peregrine falcon because, knowing they can dive up to 200 MPH, gotta go fast 😀

Next, from Torterrified:

Favorite MLP character besides Vinyl Scratch?

Why must you exclude Vinyl D:

Sadness aside, probably either Derpy or Octavia. They both were main characters in my number 1 favorite episode of MLP, but I’ll tell you what it is once the question gets asked.

Finally, from Friendly Foot:

do u like trains

To which I reply with this picture:


Anyway, that’s it for the Q&A. And just in time too; my stepdad’s ready to head to school. And as always, I’ll see you guys later. Keep poppin’ it!


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