The Decline of the Community

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

So, as you may have seen, many people in the Poptropica community have left either blogging itself or the community in general.

As examples, Perfect Sky left without a word being spoken on the PHB (unless you count Spotted Dragon’s post, in which she notifies us of Perfect Sky’s leaving). Then, about a couple days after, Purple Claw, one of my best friends, left the blogging community, saying that they’ll still be on Discord and all that.

Then, just today, Ultimate iPad Expert/UiPE/Paul announced he’s leaving the community.  The Meme King’s reign has finished.

Now don’t take this as a sad note on me. I’m not leaving anytime soon. It’s just that, with Poptropica Worlds coming close to release and no recent updates or news, the community is declining. I felt like I should note it.

That’s all I have, so I’ll see you guys soon. Keep poppin’ it!


10 thoughts on “The Decline of the Community

  1. I know right the community is dying. I really hope that in Poptropica worlds we get alot more Poptropica community members because i really want some new people! Also i really want some more blogs. Also Tall Cactus quit blogging 😦 which really is bad because her blog was my favorite out of all the blogs.


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