Surprise Announcement

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

So I just decided to put an announcement for something on here since the place I originally put it on (*ahem*clawtropicadiscord*achoo*) wasn’t as obvious.

Me and a mystery Poptropican are working on a Poptropica fan fiction called Trusty Bear and the Legion of Evil. Here’s the plot of the story:

Trusty Bear became known as the Hero of Poptropica when he defeated Zeus with the powers of his brothers and an Iron Fist. Afterwards, Trusty Bear is introduced to the Poptropica Bureau of Spywork and Investigation, or the PBSI. He’s asked to work for the PBSI as one of their undercover agents, and learns they’ve been doing all the saving; he was just lucky to have his big break. Now, he must fight against a threat that might bring down the PBSI themselves.

In other news, I need more members for the Poptropican Hunger Games, as I only have about eight people (including my three). The Game Makers ask that you share the post with everyone you can so we have enough.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m to get back to my very cluttered classes, so I’ll see you guys soon. Keep poppin’ it!


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