What on What Wednesday: Day 2

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

Welcome to the first of March, and another episode of What on What Wednesday. (Decided to shorten the name, why not?)

Anyway, the lucky requests this week were Lucky Wing and Bendy Flyer. First, Lucky’s.



Lucky asked for a paw (?) on a four leaf clover, and using the magic of finding clip-art images, it has been revealed. (mfw waits for Lucky to comment first)

Next: Bendy’s.


Bendy requested her face on a baby penguin, and using the magic of Google Images, I found the perfect penguin image for her. You are welcome.

And as always, leave your suggestions in the comments below for next week, and keep poppin’ it!


19 thoughts on “What on What Wednesday: Day 2

  1. It’s awesome that you do this! Do you think you can make my poptropican look like she’s throwing a purple lightning bolt to create a storm? You could probably go the photo booth and make Zeus pose with his bolt and then go from there. User: youngstorm666


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