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The Poptropican Hunger Games: Signup

Hello, Poptropicans, and welcome to the first annual Poptropican Hunger Games. 12 districts will be chosen, each with 2 members. If you would like to sign yourself or anybody else up, put their name, gender, and a link to a picture of them in the comments below. I myself will be participating in it, with three different versions of myself. Should you also want any otherworldly characters, like for example Mario, it is ok if you submit them too. Happy Pop Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Coming Soon to Theatres Near You… Literally

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

Finally I can get news out before the PHB. But even though it’s still news, I’m curious to see what this will be for.


Credit to my bud over at Poptropica Sneak for the picture, they were the first one to post about it tbh.

Anyway, a movie theatre. What is this movie theatre about? That is questionable.

Anyway, just a short post. I’ve got places to be, so i’ll see you guys soon. Keep poppin’ it!

That Moment When You’re Curious

If there is one thing I like to know, it’s my friends’ real names. So why not get a spreadsheet full of Pop community members’ real names?


Hey, guys, Vampi here, and today I’m starting up a spreadsheet with every Poptropica community member and their real names. I’ve already gotten a few, but I wanna know everyone’s.

Now, don’t worry, I won’t hack your computer or shame you or anything… I’ll just make a story with all the names lol

I’ve already got a few names down (due to some people revealing their real names; I also added mine too), and I want more in order to make my story bigger.

Now let’s say you want to keep your real name confidential. I gotcha there. Email me at with your name, Poptropica name, and the words “the TBPH sent me” so I know you came from here, and I’ll add it to my list, then I’ll start development of the story when I get out of school for the summer.

With that, I also have news that on the Creator’s Blog Tumblr, Skinny Moon made a post labeled “7 tips on How to Get You Poptropica Blog Noticed by Fans and Poptropica Itself”, which I’ll analyze later today.

Having all of that been said, I have a math class to get back to. (Circumference and area of a circle yaaaaaaay) So I’ll see you guys later, and keep poppin’ it!

EDIT: I’m bookmarking this to the front page so it doesn’t get overflowed by other posts. go project yay

The #SaveTheCommunity Movement

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

So about an hour or so ago, my bud Smart Flame posted he was helping to start a movement called #SaveTheCommunity, where everyday, he would link to a small Poptropica blog. I decided I’m going to help with that… So let’s cover all bases.

Today’s just got started maybe 3-4 hours ago (at the time of typing), called Poptropica’s Sneak, created by my bud Edison. Check them out at and with that I am done.

So in other news I’m hoping to get my phone back full-time so I can continue blogging. Other than that, that’s all I have. See you guys soon and keep poppin’ it!

What on What Wednesday: Day 2

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

Welcome to the first of March, and another episode of What on What Wednesday. (Decided to shorten the name, why not?)

Anyway, the lucky requests this week were Lucky Wing and Bendy Flyer. First, Lucky’s.



Lucky asked for a paw (?) on a four leaf clover, and using the magic of finding clip-art images, it has been revealed. (mfw waits for Lucky to comment first)

Next: Bendy’s.


Bendy requested her face on a baby penguin, and using the magic of Google Images, I found the perfect penguin image for her. You are welcome.

And as always, leave your suggestions in the comments below for next week, and keep poppin’ it!