Top 10: Favorite Poptropica Fan Blogs

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

Man, some of these blogs have me mind-blown on how consistent they are. So I figured that I would make a Top 10 of my favorite blogs. So here goes my Top 10 Favorite Poptropica Blogs.

Important note: This is all based on my opinions. Don’t get mad cuz your blog isn’t on the list or any of the blogs should be higher.


#10: A Quota of Poptropica (

A Quota of Poptropica is really what it says it is… a quota of Poptropica. Headed by Happy Lobster, it’s just your average news station, really.

#9: Pewter Moon (

So it’s not directly related to Poptropica. This blog, made by my buddy Shaky Skunk, is the developer blog for a Poptropica fan game I’m part of called Pewter Moon (but I’m not releasing details about it other than the name).


#8: Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog (

Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog was the first blog that I applied for an authorship for. Even though it’s pretty much dead, the CKPB is still pretty cool.


#7: Lucky Wing’s Blog ‘o Fun (

Lucky Wing can be summed up in one word: crazy. So naturally she makes a blog. Because hey, we’re all crazy in one way or another. LW also runs a randomness blog called Luckily Bizzare (which is kinda like the Tumblr I made today).

#6: The Poptropican’s Corner (

Made by Smart Flame, with additional authors Friendly Foot, Red Rider, Short Feather, and more, The Poptropican’s Corner is yet another Poptropica blog. Most posts are made by Smart Flame (because I don’t think he’s found out how to add authors; either that or they’re all inactive), but otherwise, it’s just a normal blog.

#5: Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans (

Headed by Silver Flame, PTFP is the place to get some good tips on the world of Poptropica and more! Plus I’m an author there too 😛

#4: The Poptropica Bloggers Network (

The PBN is less of a fan blog and more of a blog about fan blogs. If there’s any blogs I may not have mentioned, they’re probably in there. The TBPH is part of it too!

#3: People of Poptropica (

Run by my good buddy White Ice (who made the logo for the blog, thanks for that, fam), People of Poptropica is another good blog for getting the most recent news. I should know, I’m also an author there. (Now that I think about it, I author a lot of blogs.)

#2: TIE: Clawtropica ( VS Poptropica Skunk Blog (

Man, I can’t decide which of these should get #2. The Poptopica Skunk Blog, run by Shaky Skunk, is mostly news as usual, same with Clawtropica, run by Purple Claw. Funny thing is, they’re authors on each other’s blogs, so it makes it hard to choose.

#1: The Poptropica Help Blog (

What’s a Top Ten list of Pop Blogs without the PHB? The Poptropica Help Blog is run by Slanted Fish, with authors Ultimate iPad Expert, Spotted Dragon, Slippery Raptor, Brave Tomato, Lucky Joker, Perfect Sky, and A Quota of Pop author Happy Lobster. Without the PHB, none of these fan blogs would’ve been born. I seriously got my blogging start from commenting on the PHB.


Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I need to get back to my classes anyway. Keep poppin’ it!


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