Trusty Theory: Response to Tall Cactus

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

This past Sunday, Tall Cactus posted another blog post on her blog with the title “What If?”, which consisted of a list of random questions without answers. (Link to post here.) These are my answers to said questions.

“What if the sponsored islands are different realms?”

Possible, but not likely, from my point of view. Unless you’re talking about Realms with a capital R, in which case it would be a bit more likely.

“What if only the people on Home Island (and Mocktropica) know that they are in a game and everyone else is brainwashed?”

So in other words, only the Home Island and Mocktropicans can break the fourth wall. And I thought only me, Deadpool, and Pinkie Pie could do that. In other words, it may be true.

“What if your Poptropican ran away from their parents to explore the world and is constantly hopping from island to island to not get caught?”

Fanfiction material at its finest.

“What if restarting islands erases everyone’s memories?”

See, that is actually true. If not, each of the NPCs would say something along the lines of “Hey, I’ve seen you before.”

“What if Poptropica is just a dream?”

Then what would the real world be like?

“What if the Booted Bandit is your Poptropican, but from an alternate future?”

Then somehow EFPR would have to be connected to Time Tangled somehow. It would take a whole lot of linking, but it can happen.

“What if some of the islands don’t actually take place on islands, but on the mainland?”

Backed up by Back Lot, EFPR, and many more that I can’t think of.

“What if some islands take place on the same landmass? Maybe even one, bigger island?”

Early Poptropica and Counterfeit are PERFECT examples. Seeing as one part of the Counterfeit quest has you going to Early Poptropica’s Pop Art, then they have to take place on the same landmass (but instead of using a car, you use a blimp instead because you find flying faster).

“What if all the islands in Pop were already discovered and colonized, but you just didn’t find them yet?”

More fanfiction material, from my point of view.

“What if all Poptropicans have realistic names, and players just have names like Tall Cactus to keep them safe online?”

First off, nice self-plugin. Second, that’s contradictory because of the words “keep them safe online.” If Poptropicans are adventuring in the real world, then how would they also be doing so online?

“What if Poptropica has a tropical name even though many islands aren’t even in the tropics is because the first islands discovered were, and they just kept the name? (for example, the ancient capital of Poptropolis was tropical)”

Hmmm… That’ll take some history lessons. Ones that I’m willing to sit through. XD

“What if Dr. Hare isn’t actually a doctor/doesn’t have a real doctorate degree?”

If the case, then we’d have a real problem on our hands.

“What if the Booted Bandit started the trend of Poptropicans wearing shoes in the upcoming New Pop?”

Ahem, Creators, your call. I can’t decide between possible or not.

“What if the New Pop answers all of these random questions, or more?”

Then we wouldn’t need this post, hehe.


And that’s all the questions posed. I have nothing else to add, but more questions can be answered next time on Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot! Keep poppin’ it!



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