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Pop Rewind: Community Edition project and #MyPoptropicaCostume Extensions

So a bunch of people have been making a bunch of “_______ Rewind” compilations for the end of 2016. I feel it’s time I try that myself.

Hey, guys, Vampi here!

So I’m cruising around every one of my apps and I see a bunch of people making “rewind” posts and videos. (Examples being Geometry Dash player Baby Zobros’ GD Rewind and the Poptropica Help Blog’s Poptropica 2016 Rewind.)

Another thing is that when I grow up, I want to be a popular youtuber. And that requires video editing. So I thought, “why not try it out?”

Enter Poptropica Rewind: Community Edition. I’m taking submission for clips and making a video/slideshow compilation of the year’s best Poptropica moments. If you want your picture or video put in the Rewind, email me at Deadline is February 1st, and get other people on this too, because the more the better!

Otherwise, there’s been an extension in the #MyPoptropicaCostume deadline, it’s now January 2nd, if I remember correctly. There are also now 2 grand prize winners instead of one.

Anyway, since I have nothing else, I’ll just be waiting to get some submissions. Keep poppin’ it

Top Tuesdays #1: Top 10 Community Members

…well, this took long to make,


Hey guys, Vampi here.

One of my blog followers whose name I’m too lazy to mention (*ahem*luckywing*ahem*) said on my “I have no ideas” post that they’re having the same problem on their blog, that the gist of their comment was they were making Top 10 lists and maybe I should too. But after I read that, I got to thinking… What if I can’t think of a top 10? So I just decided Top Tuesday instead of Top 10 Tuesday. But anyway, I think it’s time to let the community shine. So here is my Top 10 Poptropica Community Members, based on my own experiences.


#10: Tall Cactus

Her one main trait? Being the first to like and sometimes first to comment on most blog posts. Founder of Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog, she is a great community member, which is why I think she deserves a spot on this list.


#9: Perfect Sky

You know how some YouTubers do Minecraft roleplays? And how others do roleplays with other games? Well, I only know of one person who does Poptropica roleplays: Perfect Sky. She has a series going on so far called Poptropica’s Best Chef, and currently she’s on the holiday special season.

…you should see her chatroom’s PBC channel. People are arguing about who’s better all the time.


#8: Purple Claw

Moderator on a chat made by a community member whose name I will mention soon, also giving me administrator/moderator permissions on their blog chat, Purple Claw runs Clawtropica, a blog mainly authored by PC, G-Hopper, and a few others. They’re also helping another mentionable community member with something too. And that community member is…


#7: Shaky Skunk

Owner and founder of the Poptropica Skunk Blog, Shaky Skunk is also working with my buddy whom will be mentioned later to make a video game, of which I will help voice act. (So yay, I get to voice act on two things 😀 ) Great community member, cool to be around.


#6: Dangerous Eye/Kali/yandarisama

The other person working with SS on making that video game, Dangerous Eye, known on Discord as Kali and on WordPress as yandarisama, is known for their temperate attitude, and the fact that me and them are also working with one of their friends to make a Pokemon fangame. Making a whole bunch of stories and working on two video games must be hard work, but they manage to get it done.

#5: Ultimate iPad Expert

You like Poptropicans. You like memes. You wonder what it would look like if you combined the two. Well, here’s your answer. On the Poptropica Help Blog, Ultimate iPad Expert runs Poptropican Meme Face Mondays, in which viewers can request their Poptropican have a meme face. And I’ll tell you, they are ON. POINT.

#4: White Ice/Wanderesa

One of the authors on the People Of Poptropica Blog, she does some pretty good top 5s and has a pretty good meme face made by UiPE. Also made the header for my blog 😀

#3: idk

One of the leading Poptropica glitchers, he also makes some good memes, and is just about always active on the PHC. Also makes pretty good ASGs too.

#2: WimpyKidFan

WimpyKidFan, or WKF for short, thought that he should do something different for the Poptropica community… and made the Rekt Clan. Some time later I joined the Rekt Clan as a member, then when he needed co-leaders, I stepped up as one. He’s left the Discord side of the Poptropica community, making me the technical leader of the clan, but he’s still one of my best friends. WKF, if you’re reading this, everyone in Rekt clan misses you, man!

#1: Slanted Fish

Number one is of course Slanted Fish, because without Fishy making the PHB, the Poptropica community wouldnt have met each other as they have now. Thanks for making the PHB, Fishy.


In other news, my grounding may be done soon (I’m able to blog thanks to school computers), but I have final exams, so I won’t be on WordPress until Friday night or later.

So in other words:


And as always, I have really nothing else to say, so keep poppin’ it!

EDIT: So apparently I got ungrounded right after I posted this. GG, me.

Islands of the Month: Holiday Edition

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

With another month comes new Islands of the Month. This month, it’s PoptropiCon (all 3 episodes) and Wimpy Wonderland. Captain Crawfish usually makes video walkthroughs for each of the islands, but as of the post, the ol’ Cap’n has only done the one for PoptropiCon. Click here to get the tutorial for Episode 1, Episode 2 is here, and Episode 3 right here. Or if you want a written tutorial, the PHB has a good one for you. (It helped me, it should help you.)

Anyway, I’ll catch you guys later. I got some Legend of Zelda to play and some Netflix to watch. Keep poppin’ it!


Introducing Pewter Moon

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

I’m glad to say that I’m part of a group of people working on a video game *slightly* based on Poptropica called Pewter Moon. Originally, the only two people working on it were my buddies Shaky Skunk and Kali, and then I got word of it and joined in. I decided I’d do good with the voice acting, story, dialogue, and now I’m making MUSIC, too. I’m planning to save a few songs to my SoundCloud, but I can’t just yet.

If you want to be part of Pewter Moon, PM me or Shaky Skunk on Discord. (If you PM me I’m pm-ming SS, so might wanna go straight to SS first.)

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Keep poppin’ it!