Poptropica Has Talent…

…and it’s just what I need.

Hey guys, Vampi here.

Scrolling though the PHB like I do on a bi-daily basis, I see another MPIP. (For those who don’t follow the PHB, it stands for My Place In Poptropica; Pop community members telling the stories of how they found Poptropica, how they found the PHB, and more.) This MPIP was made by a girl named Marci, who calls herself the Queen of Libraries. (‘Like the Queen of Hearts character from Alice in Wonderland, but with libraries’, she says.) She says at the end what she goes by on Discord, then she says “I can’t promise I’ll be on much, though. I might also try to find some time to blog, if anyone would care enough to invite me to write on one.”

So I get out of the post to read another one, and I just freeze.

“…might also try to find some time to blog, if anyone would care enough to invite me to write on one.”

I’m the only author on this blog, and I only post once or twice weekly.

The moral of the story? I’m gonna need some help.

Therefore, I’m accepting any authoring submissions, whether new or experienced, to help make this as big as possible. To request to be an author, just fill out this Google Form.

In other news, happy Halloween! Comment below what you’re going as/went as for Halloween, if you even went.*

Keep popping it!


*Contrary to not-so-popular belief, I’m not going as a vampire. If you want to know, your only hint is ‘wielder of the elucidator and the dark repulsor, donning the cloak of midnight’.

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