Halloween Wallpaper

Hey, guys.

Today, I head to my school’s gaming club, ignoring the fact that I have tutorials to go to. (I can do it tomorrow, Mom.) I play a bit of FNAF World (some guy let me have it), then switch to Halo Online (the school plays it, got it from some guy’s flash drive), then rage quit on that and get on Poptropica, making a separate tab for WordPress.

I look at the Creator’s Blog and see a new post. And you may think it’s important, right? NOPE. Here’s what it is:poptropica2bhalloween2bwallpaperApparently, they decided to make a Halloween Wallpaper for Poptropica. But the thing is, Skinny Moon also added a challenge.

Do you know which Island this is from and where you can find it? I bet you longtime Poptropicans know!

I know exactly which island it’s from and where you can find it, but no way in heck I’m telling you.

In other news, I’ve been listening to a whole bunch of music from the Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash: Meltdown soundtrack. The current final level song of Geometry Dash and all the Meltdown tracks. Look them up if you want to.

That’s all for now. Keep poppin’ it!


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