Insert Martin Garrix reference here, Diamond Talk Show, and Exotic Butters

NOTE: I lied about the exotic butters.

Hey, guys, Vampi here.


So I was scrolling through the Poptropica website yesterday and saw that the creator’s blog hadn’t posted anything new. (It was still the Halloween post at the time.) I decide, hey, why not go to the literal Creator’s Blog home site? So I click the link, and JUST AS THE SITE LOADS FOR ME, I see the post you see below.

Here’s what it’s about:


You’ve been asking for them, Poptropicans, and now they’re here! Introducing: pet followers!

Starting now, you can get your own furry little dog or cat follower (three different types of each)! Will you pick a loyal Lab or a happy mutt? A fuzzy gray kitty or a calico cutie? So many choices!

Pets aren’t the only awesome new thing in the store. There are creeptastic Halloween costumes and fun accessories, plus some cool fall outfits. Bog monsters, werewolves, and potions — oh my!

Some of these amazing items are available to everyone and range from 250-350 credits. Some, like the pet followers, are for members. Don’t have Poptropica membership? Find out how you can get it.

I’m probably going to go through all the islands again, because IT’S TIME TO GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!


…yeah, note to self, don’t do that.

In other non-Poptropica-related news, my buddy Diamond Glaze from the Rekt Clan (a clan I lead) runs a YouTube channel with a talk show every Saturday at 10:00 Pacific Time (timezone converter here if needed) with a variety of topics, ranging from memes to exposing this one channel me, Diamond, and friends raided, to this upcoming talk show’s Diamond VS TheVlogging Bros (the channel we exposed). Join into the viewing of The Diamond Talk Show for fun, laughs, chicken nuggets, and outright craziness with Diamond Glaze, Vampi, AndyOfIron, Mellora, noiceguy, and many more!

Other than that, there’s nothing else really to talk about. Keep poppin’ it, and I’ll see you guys next time!


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