PoptroPodcast Updates, NEW POP REVEAL, and A Poptropica story?

Hey guys, Vampi here.

(Should I change my intro? I think it’s kinda boring, but I’m going with the consumer demand.)

Anyway, there’s been a lot of stuff happening the past week or so, and I should probably update you guys on that.


First things first, I completed the PoptroPodcast logo, and I’m working on getting a way to record my iPhone because I’m using the Discord iPhone app to do the podcast. (Shout out to my YouTube buddy Moedesu for help on that! If you decide to check out his videos, tell him DJVampiGamer sent you!)


Next thing: THECREATORSRELEASEDANUPDATEONNEWPOPPRODUCTIONOHMYGODSTOPTHEPRESSES. If you didn’t catch that, the creators released a sneak peek of Poptropica production, which has to do with… a monster worm. All I’m gonna say is my buddy Tall Cactus was NOT impressed, though the animation process that they talked about does seem pretty tedious.


And finally, fellow Poptropican Shaky Skunk announced on her blog, the Poptropica Skunk Blog, about her new project: Project: Publish Poptropica. She noted:

“Some of you may be aware that Poptropica has a few books based on its islands. Unfortunately, these books weren’t very popular, and only a minority of the forgotten islands were turned into books. Nowadays, they only make comics of the same old MotM cast.

Well, I’m going to change that by writing a short illustrated novel for every island!”

She also added to the post:

Anyone is allowed to write their own story, with or without illustrations. If you’d like to contribute, send us your manuscript and/or illustrations, and I’ll do all the editing. Your book will then be published a few days or weeks later.

So, with that, I volunteered as tribute to write the one for Zomberry, since I play a lot of zombie games on my Xbox and on my computer all the time. (ahem, black ops 3 zombies, achoo, earn to die, cough) So you can expect by Halloween I’ll have it all finished on my Wattpad profile, @DJVampiGamer, and also sent in to Shaky too.


And finally, I’m gonna be changing Trusty’s costume to something Halloween related, since I need to do that anyway.


That’s all I have for now. Keep poppin’ it!


EDIT: Finally got a tiny little blog logo thingy! Really just Trusty’s face lol

6 thoughts on “PoptroPodcast Updates, NEW POP REVEAL, and A Poptropica story?

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