Hey, guys, Vampi here.

So as usual, Trusty’s waking up from his slumber as I log back in yet again, and Trusty’s bored, so he decides, “Hey, I guess I could talk to all the NPCs on Home Island.” Trusty walks over to the guy in front of the store.

But plot twist, and spoiler alert: he has something new to say.

After the almighty controller of all things Trusty Bear (aka me, Vampi) clicked on the guy by the store, he says, “I love Halloween! I can’t wait to see what new costumes they’ll get in the store next week!”

Next week… New costumes…


(The above picture is the main reason why I love Google Images.)

Or, if you insist, you can continue, but from what I saw, I say I’m holding the thought of doing it. (Besides, I’m making DJ mixes on GarageBand and attempting to find a way to convert them into YouTube videos. DJVampi is turning into a real DJ. XD )

Anyway, while I still have the chance to mention it, there are other news that are of importance:

  • On Home Island, if you look at the NPCs outside, Amelia has a different outfit than usual, DJ Saturday Nite has a skin tone and hair color change, and the New You lady has a different hair color too. Guess it’s time for me to dye my hair like I always wanted to.
  • There are 8 items cards (4 for each Poptropican gender) for Poptropica’s Fall Fashion card series. Reviews say… they suck. Better luck next attempt, Fall Fashion. Keep up with the times.
  • The PoptroPodcast logo is almost finished. Just gotta add some stuff and it’ll be put in the next post.
  • Finally, over on the Poptropica Help Blog, Popcorn Issue #32 is out! For those who don’t know what Popcorn is, keep up with the times  Popcorn is the PHB’s fan magazine, with a featured Poptropican on the front cover (this issue is PHB author Lucky Joker), some fan stories (which are pretty good, in my opinion), some artwork (which is REALLY good), and usually a Fansite Spotlight (this issue is the People of Poptropica blog (run by White Ice (who made the header for the blog, I don’t know how many times I’ve thanked her already), Lucky Joker (author in both the PHB AND People of Poptropica? He’s got skills.), Shaky Skunk (who doesn’t actually smell bad), Friendly Foot (a good buddy on the PHC), and mysterymanred (who I don’t think has ever posted).)

Anyway, that’s it for now. Keep poppin’ it!


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