New Project Pt 2: Poll Results

So earlier I made a post asking how I should record the PoptroPodcast (or as someone on the PHC (ahemfriendlyfootahem) said, Podtropica) and the polls said:

Record a Discord Chatroom: 2 votes, 100%

Record a Skype Conversation: 0 votes, 0%

And now, as I sit in an Anime Club meeting at my school, watching an anime about an herbalist living with these random people that she met, and where every stranger she meets won’t shut up about her red hair (the anime of which I have no idea what it’s called), I am working on making preparations for the PoptroPodcast logo. (Bad news is it’s with MS Paint, so here comes my bad digital art skills.)

Just a quick update, all I really have right now.

-Vampi/Trusty Bear


6 thoughts on “New Project Pt 2: Poll Results

    1. it’s really easy to get discord, all you really need is an email address that will probably not be used at all (except for signing in)


  1. thing is, not many pop members have a skype… in fact, I think I’m the only one with a skype unless i can get my buddy Pen to play it


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