New Project

Those of you who have an iPhone, one of the things you may have noticed is the app “Podcasts.” This app is made for what you could call “radio shows” (examples being National Public Radio’s “Car Talk” with Click and Clack the Tapper Brothers and “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me”), or in other words, an hour long show made for only listening that you can listen to while you eat lunch or something like that. But from what Vampi knows, there’s no such thing as a Poptropica podcast.

Hey guys, Vampi here.

Today I’m releasing a fresh new idea I literally came up with 5 minutes ago: The PoptroPodcast. A radio show dedicated to members of the community, their projects, and Poptropica itself. But the thing is, I have nobody to join me and do it. (At least I have a way to do it, my Minecraft recording buddy Super Bucko has a way to get Skype conversations in a video.) So, I need volunteers. Anybody who’s comfortable with vocally speaking to another Pop community member, like moi, is able to join. (But I only want a max of 4, otherwise, chaos ensues.) Just add me on Skype (it’s free, you just need an email) with my long-as-proper-noun-Hell username theathenaspawnergaming and put in the message where you add a Contact (or in a convo) that you want to join the podcast, and I’ll accept it next time I’m on. Or do you want me to make a chatroom? I can’t think, here’s a poll to help me think.

Next on my agenda of stuff to talk about: Poptropica artist and community member Popular Wolf is working on a Poptropica anime (which she has recently updated about here) and I get to voice act! (But beware, my voice is deep, lol.)


Anyway, that’s all I’ve got now. Keep poppin’ it!



15 thoughts on “New Project

  1. Cool! i might be able to do it! It’s be fun! i love voice acting!

    Wait, why does it say the 29th? It’s still the 28th, right?


      1. Well, I’m looking at the current poll results (i’m the only one with the link) and so far, Discord chatroom wins… but Shaky Skunk said why not a voice chat, so if you can at least do THAT, that would be great, though as I said to SS earlier, I have to check with my old recording buddy SuperBucko and experiment with that.


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