YouTube Intro

Hey, guys, Vampi here.


So, eh, yeah. I have a YT channel, called DJVampiGamer, and I’m glad to say that I got a new intro for it! 😀

Let me tell you how I got it, rewind a couple of months. I saw my buddy MG Extreme’s buddy Moedesu made both MG and himself an intro. Needing an intro of my own, I said, and I quote: “nice intro fam. i’ll give mg ten bucks to deliver to you if you make one for me”

So he went through everything and sent me a MediaFire download link, and I emailed it to myself a few minutes ago. I’m trying to upload it to my YT currently, but my school’s blocking it. (ooh, unrelated to the topic, my song just came on in Pandora)

But here’s the link to his intro. Pretty much the same as mine, with the exception of the channel name.

Anyway, I’ll see you all in a while. Keep poppin’ it!


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