Vampi’s Top 5 Islands

Hey, guys, Vampi/Trusty here.

So I’m bored as usual in the morning, so I decide to check the PHC. What’s a morning without a daily dose of Poptropica? And I see that my buddy White Ice (aka Wanderesa on Discord) kept attempting to post a link to her post on the People of Poptropica blog. (In fact, she’s working on my header as I write this, so she deserves the shoutout.)

Anyway, I asked her to private message me the link to the post, since somebody kept deleting it. I saw it was a Top 5 post on her top 5 item cards from the store. So I thought, “Oh, dang, that reminds me, I have yet to post a Poptropica-related post on my own Poptropica blog.” So I decided, what better way to start it off than with a personal top 5?

So here it is, my personal Top 5 Islands in Poptropica, with a few honorable mentions.

Number 5: Zomberry

I don’t know why, I just like the thrill of zombie survival games. The Earn to Die series, Rebuild 2 (I think that was the title), and then Zomberry. Also, Gamer Guy is life.

Number 4: Big Nate Island

Back before Trusty Bear, there was Angry Thunder. (bbgunlight100 if you want to friend it) And as the 6-yr-old me I was and the Angry Thunder I was, Big Nate was my favorite island, and also the first one I completed with Angry Thunder that I know of. Good island, in my opinion.

Number 3: Skullduggery

My main reason for this: pirate-related songs. The whole time I did this, I got on YouTube and pulled up the Pirates of the Carribean theme, but with a Dubstep twist. I like dubstep, it’s pretty easy to tell. Also I came up with some slightly helpful tips if you scroll down and look for my name on the PHB.

Number 2: Early Poptropica

No way to land a Number 2 without going back to the basics, in my opinion. One of the easiest islands, and the first ever made. Funny thing was I didn’t even make any progress on it when I created Angry Thunder. I went straight to Shark Tooth, from what I remember.

Number 1: Wild West

And I’m fixing to replay it, too. When I was still trying to get through all the unlocked islands, I liked to find songs that matched the island. For Wild West, I found the perfect one to be Wario’s Gold Mine, from Mario Kart Wii. But recently I found a new one. (It literally has something related to wild west stories in the name!) Tank! from Cowboy Bebop. (Just don’t watch the anime… I heard it’s pretty 18+.) Also, I happen to hail from where most Wild West stories take place- good ol’ Texas. But trust me, it’s not like what you think.


Anyway, that was it for my Top 5 Personal Favorite Islands. Tell me your personal top 5 in the comments! Keep poppin’ it!



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