Hunger Games Simulator, Pop Community Edition: The Reaping

Note: This is a sticky post; it will stick to the front of the TBPH website until I take it off and/or the Games are done. Read on to see what I mean by “the Games.”

Alexa: Hey, uh… Tech… I had an idea.

Tech: Oh, no. Whenever you get an idea, it’s usually bad.

Alexa: How about we take the Poptropica community, make characters of them, and put them in a Hunger Games Simulator?

Nephri: Does it involve killing?

Alexa: Yes… but you should PROBABLY know it’s on a website and every tribute’s moves are random chance, decided by the website itself.

Jenny: Killing and random chance? Sounds like fun, in my opinion.

Vampi: Exactly. Who all is going to be in it? I mean, I know it’s the Pop community, but who in it would be in it?

Alexa: Glad this is all being dictated onto the TBPH, because this is the perfect place to get people. Just put your name in the comments and you’ll be in. Of course, what’s the fun in watching merciless killing without getting in it yourself? I’m joining in as well, so I’m leaving it up to Vampi, Tech, Nephri, and TAS to do the story so that I don’t bend it in any way. I’ll be updating this post along the way with all the people joining, so here’s the list!


Person 1: Alexa Hattomi (Alexa)

Person 2: Obsidian Bass (Jenny)


Person 1: Diamond Rain (TC)

Person 2: FortLite (Isaac II)


Person 1: Lucky Wing (E, Lucky)

Person 2: Purple Claw (PC)


Person 1: Arisukiama Trigan (Arisu)

Person 2: Kimiko Kuramo (Kimiko)


Person 1: Fierce Flyer (Fierce)

Person 2: ShayShayGamer (SSG)


Person 1: Velocitiniame (Velocity)

Person 2: Mintello (Mintello)


Person 1: Sporty Boa (SB)

Person 2:


Person 1:

Person 2:


Person 1: Zippy Sky (estherli521)

Person 2:


Person 1:

Person 2:


Person 1:

Person 2:


Person 1: Incredible Kat (Kat)

Person 2:

That Moment When You’re Curious

If there is one thing I like to know, it’s my friends’ real names. So why not get a spreadsheet full of Pop community members’ real names?


Hey, guys, Vampi here, and today I’m starting up a spreadsheet with every Poptropica community member and their real names. I’ve already gotten a few, but I wanna know everyone’s.

Now, don’t worry, I won’t hack your computer or shame you or anything… I’ll just make a story with all the names lol

I’ve already got a few names down (due to some people revealing their real names; I also added mine too), and I want more in order to make my story bigger.

Now let’s say you want to keep your real name confidential. I gotcha there. Email me at with your name, Poptropica name, and the words “the TBPH sent me” so I know you came from here, and I’ll add it to my list, then I’ll start development of the story when I get out of school for the summer.

With that, I also have news that on the Creator’s Blog Tumblr, Skinny Moon made a post labeled “7 tips on How to Get You Poptropica Blog Noticed by Fans and Poptropica Itself”, which I’ll analyze later today.

Having all of that been said, I have a math class to get back to. (Circumference and area of a circle yaaaaaaay) So I’ll see you guys later, and keep poppin’ it!

EDIT: I’m bookmarking this to the front page so it doesn’t get overflowed by other posts. go project yay

A Return

Many promises have been broken since I was last on here.

I never got to go over Greek Sea Odyssey on Worlds, I never did the Poptropica Hunger Games, and I never finished speedrunning each island in Poptropica Original OR Worlds.

It’s almost as if I neglected this blog since that binary text post that was made… a year ago?

Well, I think I should let you know…

…this blog isn’t dying until I make it.

I’ll be honest, I actually have neglected this blog for a while. Junior year of high school gets the best of us sometimes.

I’ve got a few more weeks until I become a senior and have way more time to work on this.

And when that happens:

I. I’ll start working on Pop Hunger Games,

II. I’ll continue working on speedrunning every island on Poptropica, and

III. I’ll get that post about Greek Sea Odyssey, AND the 24 Carrot reboot, out.

This is Inktavia, and welcome back to Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot!


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kep ppn iht


Vampi’s Translation:


I’m TAS, if you don’t remember me.

Please excuse my grammar, this is how I usually type.


Anyway, according to the PHB, some Creators were let go this week.

Mitch Krpata, senior story developer and narrative designer, did his final video walkthrough as Captain Crawfish, and changed his LinkedIn profile to show he no longer works at Poptropica HQ (aka StoryArc Media.)

Also, senior artist Lance Fry changed his LinkedIn profile as well.

The PHB theorizes that maybe StoryArc Media was making budget cuts and valuable team members couldn’t get paid for their best work, or maybe workers had a falling out with higher ups.

So it looks like we are in a predicament.

Again, sorry for bad grammar, I’ll have Vampi translate.

This has been TASBot. (Apparently that’s TAS’s username online. /shrug)

See you later.

Keep poppin’ it.


(So yes, apparently TAS is kidnapping us and telling us he’s letting us go when E gives him his pizza ransom. Get ready for more bad grammar.)

An Excuse to Post? Yes.

Hey, guys, Trusty here. Ha, kidding, it’s Vampi/Alexa/whatever you call me now.

And yes, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve either been working on my Q&A series, the ATG, over on, or working on one of my two new series (which are Vampi and Friends Review and Vampi Theories) on my old randomness blog that I’m starting to use again, called Random Vampiness. (Is there a way to change your site URL? Cuz I really need to change the name.)

Anyway, I figured since I haven’t posted here in a while, what better to do than talk about the things that happened while I was away? And by that I mean almost nothing, because all that really happened was there was a hidden picture game on the PHB that I got first place in, but otherwise… Wait. I smell it. That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells… smelly.

A new Island.

Itch, from the ATG: What?


Earlier this month — and by that I mean just recently — the Creators posted about their new Poptropica Worlds island. It’s kind of a remastered version of Mythology Island, but not really.

Ladies, gentlemen, E, welcome to Greek Sea Odyssey!

I’ll post more about it when it comes out, because I need to get to work on Vampi Theories, but until then, this is Trusty/Vampi/Alexa signing out. Keep poppin’ it!


Big News that Nobody Understands

Hey, hello, Alexa here.

So according to Antics and Schematics, I should be on hiatus. However, I was scrolling through blogs and found a post about something related to Poptropica that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a post about it.

Adobe, the creators of the Flash player that Poptropica runs on, confirmed that in 2020, they’re stopping all improvements and distributions of the Flash player. That means once 2020 hits, no Flash player…

…or is there?


When I continued reading the post, one thing caught my eye: “stopping all improvements and distributions.” I took that as meaning “hey, just because they’re not improving or distributing more versions of Flash doesn’t mean it won’t stop existing.”

Then a single Google search proved me wrong.

A post on says it’s shutting down Flash games by the end of 2020 (as well as advising developers to switch their formats from Flash to something like HTML5, WebGL, Unity, or other types of platforms), and further research on confirms it by saying “updates will no longer be released and web browsers will drop support entirely.”

So what’s this mean for Poptropica?


Seeing as Poptropica runs on Flash, the owners of it, now Sandbox Networks (according to Wikipedia), will either have to give up on it and let it die or take many years’ worth of work and convert it to something like HTML5 and WebGL.

So while it lasts, speedrun/costume create/multiverse/island complete/explore your heart out, because by 2020, Poptropica may be gone.


This has been Alexa, signing off. Keep poppin’ it!

Trusty Theory: Response to Smart Flame

Hey, guys, it’s AlexaHalfSiren, and time for this blog to be revived once again with… Trusty Theory!

So, I was checking the blogs like usual and I found a short post by Smart Flame, with an announcement for his new fanfic and a theory that… well… see for yourself.


I saw this and thought “yep, time to revive my theory series.” So here’s my theory extension.

So what I see first is “When you time travel to these historical sites, obviously there’s no machinery, or at least no time travel device.” This is only SLIGHTLY untrue: Leonardo da Vinci’s gliding mechanism could be considered a machine back in the Rennaisance period, but looking back at it, that’s just personal view. However, the reason there is no time travel device is because YOU are carrying it with you.

Then I saw “At first I thought you would land where the device was in present time in the past.” Also untrue: if that were the case, Time Tangled would be way longer.

Then— wait.

Fast forward.

“I think your mind or subconscious would travel to that place.” That is wrong beyond all belief. If the mind traveling was the case, the only way that would work is if you knew where everything was, and all of it could be done within seconds, due to the need of other items like the warrior headdress being eliminated from necessity. (Bad wording, yes, but I don’t care.) The mind idea would also mean you knew exactly what all the Poptropicans said.

The subconscious idea, however, is different. If it were in your subconscious, your present-day Poptropican would be unconscious, possibly in a coma, while your subconscious would be in your dreams, doing the events needed to complete the island. That can’t work because subconscious you could dream the items into existence.

That’s where my theory comes in. I call it the Partners in Time theory.

Basically, in the game Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, baby Mario and Luigi are evacuated from the past Mushroom Kingdom into the present Mushroom Kingdom, after being saved by the adult Mario and Luigi.

Furthermore, whenever you finish an area in Partners in Time, a new “timehole” opens, which is a portal that teleports the baby and the adult Mario and Luigi versions into a past Mushroom Kingdom that’s been altered by the game’s main antagonist group, the Shroobs. (Should also add that the timeholes all appear at Peach’s Castle (Present) when they are made.)

HOWEVER, the present day Mushroom Kingdom isn’t affected by the changes done in the past Mushroom Kingdom. This is where I bring in what I call the Planned Out Subtheory comes in. The present Mushroom Kingdom isn’t affected because when you defeat the game, the past Mushroom Kingdom is restored to its original self, while the present Mushroom Kingdom is unaffected still.

The problem I run into, however, is that in Partners in Time, there is no view of the future. So that puts a dent in my ideas… But not a huge dent. TL;DR, whenever something changes in past Mushroom Kingdom, present Mushroom Kingdom isn’t affected. Now back to the Poptropica theory.

Poptropica’s time travel differs from that of Partners in Time due to the fact that not only are you going to different places in the past, but to different times as well. So in the case of time travel, you’re traveling to both a different place and a different time as well, but that brings up another question: How did the different items get to where they were when you were handed the device?

To that I say infinite dimensions.

Let’s use Trusty Bear and his bro Angry Thunder as examples. When Trusty starts the game, he goes to a “time period” where “future” Trusty is in a dystopian city. This can be described as Dimension 1. If Angry were to appear instead and meet future Trusty, that’s Dimension 2. Dimension 3 would be Trusty and future Angry, and Dimension 4 would be future and current Angry.

Now let’s say Trusty went to the Great Wall “time period” to start out, grabbing the necessary items there. He’d be traveling to a dimension where the items from the different “time period” are there, and he picks them up. This would alter it to an already existing dimension where neither the items needed nor the items supplied are there.

Fixing all of the different dimensions/time periods would change Dimension 1, with Trusty and Future Trusty in a dystopian dimension, to Dimension XX, where XX means some number, and inside is Trusty and Future Trusty in a utopian dimension. Instead of time travel, it’s actually space-time travel, or dimensional travel for short.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on with this theory for long enough. Heck, I may even become a conspiracy theorist. But I’m gonna get back to work on my new stories. As always, keep poppin’ it!

A Late Wish of a Happy New Year + Username and Life Chages

Hey, guys, Alexa here. I’ve had a busy school break, but since I got back to school, it’s blogging time!

First on the agenda: username change. I’ve taken away the whole DJ motif with most of my usernames and replaced it with a new username, AlexaHalfSiren. This is mainly a reference to a roleplay I’m in.

Second: happy new year! 2018’s great so far; I got two new games for my 3DS, of which I’ve eagerly been playing, and I even got a drawing tablet for christmas! I’d do a Poptropica rewind thing, but my time blogging during lunch period is limited.

Third: life changes. If you’ve talked to me on Discord, you may know that my dad currently has cancer, called acute myeloid leukemia. This winter break, I’ve been tending to him and most of his needs, and it’s sort of changed me. The main thing is the family still needs prayers for my dad: i’ll take any and all positive ones as a compliment.

Since my time is just about up, I’m ending it off here. Keep poppin’ it! (Man, I haven’t said that since last year. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Speeding Poptropica: Update Post #1

Hey, hello, Hattomi here. (Like the new intro?)

So the past few weeks since I posted the Speedrunning Poptropica post, my stepdad, whose room I use to shelter myself in until he’s ready to go home, banned me from using the computers after school, so I haven’t had a chance to get on a computer and speedrun. But I decided I’d make an update post to show how much progress I’ve gotten through.

First things first, creating the routes. My usual way to create routes WOULD BE to use the Poptropica Help Blog’s Guides page; but sadly, my school has blocked it since it switched to the new URL (checked again, the ContentKeeper Content Filtering software the school uses labels the category of filtering as “non-managed”.)

Instead, I go through the island casually, noting down a simple route on a Google Doc. Then, in case there’s anything that happens with the game that helps me out (or hurts me), I put it into a Glitch Explanation Google Doc. I then go through it again, using Google’s built in stopwatch (just type in stopwatch in search) to time the whole thing.

Break from explaining how I do it to speedrunning terms. In speedrunning, you usually go through the whole game under the Any% category, which means just completing the game fast, or the 100% category, where you go through the game as fast as you can while collecting every single collectable. However, the way I’m running Pop is called IL running, which stands for Individual Level. Basically instead of going through the game island after island after island, I’m doing one island at a time off and on.

Now to start the run explanation segment.

I started planning the route normally, but as soon as I restarted the island, I encountered a glitch that let me keep the Jetpack during the new playthrough, which altered my route heavily. Instead of platforming, I just jetpacked my way to the items.

And now to interrupt the video Pannenkoek Style. I’m explaining the room map so there’s no confusion. Starting off, like every island, the place your blimp lands at is Main Street. To the left is Rooftops, and below that is the maze, which I simply labelled Maze. Below Main Street is the sewers, which I called Sewers. To the right is Village, below is Well. Above them is Clouds. The entrance where the Giant’s at is labelled Clouds 1, the room next to that is Clouds 2, and the room next to THAT is Clouds 3.

Now the actual route. I started by getting the Glowstick at Well, then heading to the Pig at Sewers. Afterwards, I headed to the Maze, where I used a combination I put together to get to the egg and get out. I then jetpacked my way up to Clouds 1, grabbed the Bucket from Clouds 2, and went down to grab the Flag from Main Street. I finished by giving all the items and grabbing my Medallion with a time of 4 minutes, 42 seconds, 91 milliseconds.

That’ll be it for my post today. I’ll update more when I run more. Keep poppin’ it!

Speedrunning Poptropica


Alexa: What, what is it?

Vampi: It’s… AGDQ… There’s a run of… Pokémon Black 2…

Alexa and Tech: Wait, WHAT?!? Let me see. *they look at the Games Done Quick schedule* Wow, you weren’t kidding…

Vampi: I know, right?

*Alexa jumps in surprise*

Alexa: Guys… I have an idea.

Tech: Oh, no…

Alexa: What if I did a speed run of Poptropica Original?

Vampi: Huh. A not-bad idea, finally.

Alexa: I mean, there was a video on the Poptropica YouTube channel about beating 48 Carrot (editor’s note: 24 Carrot on Worlds) fast. Why not do that to the whole game to begin with? Go by release date, exclude those that got removed, and bada bing bada boom.

Vampi: Go ahead. Why don’t you even make a spreadsheet for it that other people can look at?

Alexa: Good idea.

(Vampi’s Note: So, yeah, Trusty’s gonna be getting exhausted from all this speedrunning. In the spreadsheet, I’ll note down the strats I use in them using comments. I’m leaving comments open to everyone so they can say their thoughts on my times. And as we always say, keep poppin’ it!)